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Solving The Biggest Limitation With The Zoom Q2 Recorder

By: Stephen Toback


I recently picked up a Zoom Q2 stereo recorder with video for $59 (refurbished) for personal use to record my band and other bands. Write ups indicated that the audio was exceptional and was designed for loud venues and the video was especially well adept at handling stage lighting. I did a test this week and was really impressed.

One pretty major drawback with the device was no AC power option. Two AA batteries only. Using the batteries that came with the unit, granted they are the cheapest batteries every, I was at about 50% of battery after about 15 minutes of recording. I read online that even with the most expensive AA batteries, getting an hour of record time would be great. This is troublesome. A colleague of mine had indicated he might do some electronic wizardry to make an adapter that would fit into the battery compartment.

Since the unit has a USB plug, I thought I would see if it could be powered via the USB plug. IT CAN! Was so excited. I already have these cool Jackery USB batteries that can completely recharge my iPhone 5 1.5 times so hopefully that will give me at least 2 hours of run time. For $25, you are saving money and the environment! Will test and update soon.




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