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PTZ Shootout – Part 1

By: Chip Bobbert II

Help us review a few cameras!  We recently tested five popular single-chip PTZ cameras for our MPS Studio upgrade.  We perceived what seem to be significant differences in quality.  To validate our findings, we would share what we saw with the digital media community for your feedback in hopes that the research might benefit everyone.

We will certainly post our opinions, however your feedback is equally important.  Each camera is a single-chip design with advertised pricing from $4-5000 with the exception of a web cam we also tested for comparison.  We captured similar imagery from each camera under identical conditions in real world circumstances using the same capture device, connections and recording methods.  The clips were ingested natively and not corrected at all.  We set the cameras to similar settings and since we wanted to judge the IQ of the systems, we put each unit on “Full Auto”.  The video is four minutes long, we spent a little under a minute with each one.  We also have a link to a download version of the video if you care to eliminate any potential Vimeo bias.

Downloadable version –

Take the survey at the end and tell us which one you think looks the best!  We’ll share the results of this shoot out in an upcoming post.

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