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Seiki 4k – A Bargain Depending On Your Point Of View

By: Stephen Toback


At $699, the Seiki 50″ 4k Ultra HD television is a great way to get into 4k visualization at a low price point. The image shown above is from our LG Bluray DVD player that upconverts the signal.  Our work to date in 4k research has been difficult without a display to check our content. Since we’ve just ordered the Panasonic HX-A500H wearable 4k camera and will most likely be getting the new Sony FDR-AX100 at some point in the near future, we needed a way to view content as a confidence monitor. This will do nicely for that specific purpose.That’s the good news…

As many reviews indicate, you indeed get what you pay for as the picture quality is quite poor despite the resolution being great. If you are looking for a monitor beyond testing to use for display, at least at this point, we recommend spending the extra money – a lot of extra money, at least for now. For example, a Samsung 4k monitor at 50″ will still be  over $2000.

That said, if you are just experimenting with 4k video and need a large monitor to explore that resolution, the Seiki fits the bill and the budget


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