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Embedding Panopto Videos into WordPress Sites

By: Todd Stabley

Some of you noted that it was not possible before to embed Panopto videos on (this was due to security-related iframe embedding restrictions implemented on the site). As of our recent WordPress upgrade, we now have a workflow to support this.

Just paste the session URL (not the embed code!) as text into your post and the integration we’ve created between WordPress and Panopto will automatically pull in the Video Podcast version of your session as shown below.

Note: Make sure that your text is NOT hyperlinked.

Note also: Your Panopto session must contain a valid video podcast in order for this to work

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 5.56.01 PM2

A big thanks to Ryn Nasser and the Duke Web Services team for making this happen!


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  1. I see you have a way to embed Panopto videos in WordPress as easily as YouTube videos. Is there a plugin to support that? If so, is that available somewhere for others to use? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jeffrey, we wrote a custom plugin to do this. I’ll reply to you offline with more information. Thanks for reaching out!

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