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Creating 3D Images—and You Thought This Was Going to be Hard

By: Stephen Toback

  • What: Creating 3D Images—and You Thought This Was Going to be Hard – A presentation by Todd Berreth, Art, Art History, and Visual Studies
  • When: 21 May 2012, noon to 1 o’clock
  • Where: Perkins 217

(Bring your lunch, we’ll provide drinks. And there will be cookies!)

Over the past few years, a number of technologies have developed that make 3D scanning radically easier and less expensive. Even your cell phone cameras can now capture acceptable 3D content. Todd Berreth, a research programmer in Visual Studies, will survey the current state of the art for using free or very inexpensive tools to acquire and edit three-dimensional digital models. Featured prominently will be 123D/Catch, Microsoft Kinect, and Meshlab, among others.

Suddenly, it’s easy to imagine 3D images becoming part of classroom presentations and projects.

This presentation is sponsored by the Preservation Department and by Munch & Mull Mondays, a brown-bag digital humanities reading group in the Duke University Libraries. For more information, please contact Heidi Madden, Liz Milewicz, Sara Seten Berghausen, or Will Shaw.

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