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DDI 3D Exploration Station At Link Gets Great Feedback

By: Stephen Toback

About 50 people visited with Michael Faber and the DDI Exploration Station at the link last week. While some people just remarked, “Cool”, others provided us some great feedback such as:

  • “Would be great for anatomy class”
  • “Could be especially useful for evolutionary anthropology”
  • “What about a 3d computer lab?”
  • “Would be really useful for physics, math or engineering visualizations”
  • “Definite academic use for studying bacteria”
  • “Would be useful during classes, make it much more interesting”
  • “Seeing Duke sports in 3D would be great.”
  • “It’s more exciting, that’s for sure”

The purpose of this DDI program is to take consumer (i.e. low cost) 3D technology and see what possible uses this type of  visualization might have in ways in which we teach and learn in the future.

We are feeding back some of this information to content developers such as Designmate (who provided the biology, chemistry and other content we’ve been showing) to help give them ideas to develop more content for higher education.

Contact if you are interested in learning more about 3D technology and checking out the DDI 3D Imagination Station for your class or department.

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