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DDI 3D Exploration Fall Tour 2011 At Link Today 10/28

By: Stephen Toback

3D Exploration Station At October DDMC Meeting - 3D Image Simulated

The DDI Sponsored 3D Exploration Station will make its way for a second day today, October 28th, at the Link in Classroom 2. Michael Faber, lead of Duke’s Multimedia Project Studios, will be there to answer questions and get feedback from faculty, students and staff on how/if 3D technology might be useful in their teaching and learning.

We’ve received some demonstration content from a content producer in India. Their content is mostly geared toward high school, but demonstrates some biology, chemistry, geography and even physics content. Our goal is to demonstrate that this low cost technology is here today and then feedback to the industry what content we need created to help our teaching and learning at Duke.

If you’d like to have the DDI 3D exploration station at your class or function, please contact Stephen Toback at Duke’s Office of Information Technology

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