Core Module 1: Logic

To-Do Date: Jan 16 at 11:59pm

The required reading for the first week/module is Chapter 2: Logic of the AIDMA textbook. This is one of the 3 textbooks that we will use as required reading for the core modules; you may want to download a local copy. Although only Chapter 2 is required, you may want to take a glance at the How to use this book page in the preface as well as Chapter 1: Motivation to get to know this book.

This book has many kinds of practice opportunities (Exercises, Fill in the details, Questions, Evaluates, Reading Comprehension Questions, and Problems – see the How to use this book page for details). Most of them are hyperlinked to their solutions for immediate checking of your comprehension of the material/concepts. We will not be using those officially in our class meetings very often (we sometimes do), but do take advantage of these questions to read actively.

If you already have a background and consider yourself adequately familiar with the module topic, you may find it tedious to read through the chapters sentence by sentence. It is okay for you in this case to skim the reading (or at least skip the practice questions in the book). Frankly, it is up to you how you use the reading. The bottom line is, by the start of each module’s first class meeting, we expect everyone to have a solid understanding of the basic concepts in the scope of the required reading. The prepare quiz is partially there to help you examine this.

To earn a satisfactory completion for CM1:

  • Read this required reading (and mark this post as done afterwards)
  • Get 80% or more questions correct in CM1: Logic Prepare Quiz (note that there’s a 1hr 15min cooldown between consecutive attempts)
  • Get a completion on recitation work by either attending or submitting on Gradescope
  • Get a satisfactory or above on the Gradescope assignment


  • Get an excellent on all Gradescope assignment questions

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