Consulting Hours

Consulting hours are a place to (1) ask questions about the required readings, class/recitation content, etc., and (2) get help on reading quizzes, homeworks/assignments, or practice exams, on a synchronous and one-to-one basis. We offer both in-person and online consulting hours (see the calendars below for information).

Shao-Heng’s hours can also be about computer science in general, getting involved in research in the department, general advice about the CS department (from a grad student’s perspective), or grad school in general.

Your UTAs are also a potential source of information about the CS department from an undergrad perspective, getting internships/interviewing, and becoming a UTA.

Hours and Locations

The calendars below are maintained with the most up-to-date information, so if the calendars contradict with the regular hours, take the calendars’ words. There will be no TA consulting hours on university holidays and breaks.

Edit. The calendar below used to render in two forms: a grid view for larger screens (hover over an event to see the detailed time and location) and a list view for mobile users. They displayed all the events on the current date and in the future. As the semester is over, it now retroactively shows the entire calendar all the way back to January 2024, as a documentary piece.

January 2024

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Shao-Heng (North 207)
  • Shao-Heng (North 201 - door to the left of 202)
  • Alex (LSRC D215)
  • Alex (LSRC D215)
  • Yiyang (LSRC D215)
  • Elisa (Zoom)
  • Anirudh/Bruno (BioSci 154)
  • Yiyang (LSRC D243)
  • Austin/Sydney (BioSci 154)
  • Shawn/Vincent (Zoom)
  • Shao-Heng (North 201 - door to the left of 202)
  • Alex (LSRC D215)
  • George/Marie-Hélène (BioSci 154)
  • Erik/Luke (Zoom)
  • Div/Jerone/Paige (Zoom)
  • Hari/Nicole (BioSci 154)
  • Anoushka/Jacob/Luke (BioSci 154)
  • Alex (LSRC D215)
  • Yiyang (LSRC D215)
  • Elisa (Zoom)
  • Anirudh/Bruno (BioSci 154)

Consulting Hours Queueing App

CS230 use MyDigitalHand Beta to manage consulting hours. This applies to both TA and instructor consulting hours, whether in-person or online, except for two kinds of interactions:

  • getting assignment questions validated (without asking any other content-related questions)
  • one-on-one special appointments outside of announced hours to discuss your progress in the course

See Ed post for instructions on using the app.

Class Forum

Ed Discussion (link from Canvas) is a place for seeking asynchronous help where you can choose to post questions anonymously. Ed is good for non-personal matters, including both technical questions and logistical questions, because (1) the entire teaching staff and all your peers will see your post and may respond, and (2) your peers may benefit from your questions or comments.

Please use the class Email inbox if and only if your question is personal (e.g., about accommodations or missing work).


We will be using Gradescope to submit written assignments. Although we expect most of you to have used Gradescope before, this might be the first time you submit assignments in groups on Gradescope; please refer to this guide on submitting in groups.


We will be using PrairieLearn in some modules for autograded homework questions. The most important thing to remember about using PrairieLearn in CS230 is that we use our own server @ Duke CS. In other words, do not simply google PrairieLearn and try to access the original platform; you will not find our class there.

Being an open-sourced platform, PrairieLearn does not have a comprehensive user guide. But since everything on PrairieLearn is not due until LDoC, you will have ample time to seek help on using the platform either in-/after-class or in consulting hours.


Overleaf is an online LaTeX collaborating platform that requires no installation. It has also a good introduction to LaTeX user guide.


There is no mandatory programming in CS230, and for the programming opportunities (programming tracks) in your assignments, we will never require a specific programming language (we will also never make you submit code). We do not provide any official help in any programming language (or on programming in general). Individual TAs may choose to still help you as a courtesy.

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The ARC offers learning consultations on time management/learning approaches, peer tutoring/study groups, ADHD/LD coaching, and more. See the ARC website for details.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Your wellness, especially mental health, should be prioritized above anything in CS230. Whenever you have any need for individual/group counseling, crisis management/intervention, or emergency assistance, CAPS is there for you. They are open Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm (no appointment needed) or at 919-660-1000. See their website for more details.


It is your responsibility to work with the Student Disability Access Office (SDAO) on obtaining formal accommodations in a timely manner. We will work with your accommodations as long as we get official notifications from the SDAO.