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Our Interns are Duke University students who are interested in learning about conducting research in psychology and neuroscience and with little to no prior research experience. 

This program is particularly well-suited for individuals interested in learning about and potentially pursuing a PhD or careers in user research and data science. Please note that at this time, the program is limited only to students who are presently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at Duke.

We specifically look for students who demonstrate: 

Curiosity and Motivation – Researchers are deeply curious about human behavior and why people do the things that they do. In addition to observing interesting things in the world, researchers also ask testable questions and are motivated to find answers, even if the process takes a while. 

Perseverance – Research rarely works the first time, and if it does, the answer that you get often inspires new or further questioning. Researchers need to be resilient, find direction in unknown territory, and bounce back after receiving constructive feedback or rejections. 

A desire to learn new skills – Researchers need to learn a variety of new skills to answer the questions that they are most interested in. In addition to general knowledge about psychology and neuroscience, you will also learn some statistics and computer science. 

Proactive Communication – Research is always done in teams. In order to be successful, you have to feel comfortable communicating with your team members and those advising your projects. Communication also includes accountability. If a team member is counting on you to complete a task, you should fulfill it in a timely fashion or be proactive about explaining why you need more time. 

Consistent Engagement – We (your mentors) want to understand what questions and topics drive your curiosity and give you the tools to investigate those questions yourself. We expect you to ask questions, speak up in discussions, and let us know what you want more of!   

Building a diverse cohort is one of our top priorities. We strongly encourage students from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM and first generation undergraduates to apply.

Apply to be a CNRI Intern! We accept students each semester (fall and spring).

Applications for the Autumn 2024 cohort will open in August 2024! Click below to receive an email when the application goes live.