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Presentation: Tangible Interactive Table for Archaeology (and Art)

Join us for a brief presentation about the TITA and a lively discussion about its educational uses in archeology and other academic disciplines

The Tangible Interactive Table for Archaeology (and Art) (TITA) is an open-source prototype of a digital-haptic (touch) device, designed for museums, and in general for the digital communication of archeological artifacts, monuments and sites, and art objects broadly. The aim is for the table to provide a unique and engaging interface between the museum visitor, and the breadth of digital content, modeled artifacts and virtual environments, being collected, hypothesized, and communicated by archeologists and other researchers, using the intrinsic affordances provided through interacting with physical objects and touch-based engagement. TITA is being developed as a very versatile platform and once deployed, it could work with different digital content (not just archeology and art).

Maurizio Forte, William and Sue Gross Professor of Classical Studies
Todd Berreth, Designer/Research Programmer/Instructor
Nevio Danelon, Postdoc

Monday November 16, 2015
153 Rubenstein Library
Duke University
Durham, NC.