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Call for Applicants in Digital and Classic Archaeology

Post-doc position, Research Associate or Equivalent

The DIG@LAB (Digital Digging) at Duke, Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies, seeks applicants for a post-doc, a research associate (or equivalent) fellowship focusing on scholarship in digital archaeology – Roman archaeology – and more specifically on the digital reconstruction of the Forum of Trajan in Rome for the Museum of Imperial Fora.

Applicants’ own research should involve the sophisticated use of one or more of the following: computer graphics; 3D modeling, computer vision and laser scanning; computer-aided drawing tools (CAD), game engines, virtual reality and data visualization. In addition they should have a strong background in archaeology, and/or classical archaeology.

Applicants must be comfortable working in a collaborative research setting and have experience successfully participating in project management, curricular, and tool building teams.

We welcome applicants from, archaeology, art history, architecture, history, anthropology, visual studies and digital humanities, as well as candidates from computer science with a strong interest and experience in multidisciplinary methods and the humanities.

The candidate will work full time on data collection (archives, libraries, maps, databases, digital data), 3D modeling and virtual reconstruction of the Forward Halls of the Market of Trajan and on the Forum of Trajan. The final product will be an interactive virtual reality platform developed in Unity 3D and/or equivalent software.

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