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The CAIRNS Program Posts

About the Program

The Career and Academic Innovation and Research Network of Scholars (CAIRNS) Program provides Duke undergraduates from a variety of backgrounds with vertically integrated opportunities to develop academic skills and career readiness, while offering the social support needed for students to have a meaningful, valuable and successful experience in environmental fields.

Scholars are trained through small seminar experiences attending to professional and academic development and enhanced alumni and graduate-student mentorship. In addition to the training they receive, scholars will develop a supportive community with which they can openly discuss and problem-solve issues like lack of diversity, discrimination and conflict in school and the workplace.

Applications for 2021-22 are due May 12, 2021 – priority will be given to Class of ’24 Students, but other cohorts are welcomed to apply. Please note that this application isn’t meant to be a tool of exclusion, but one of including those students committed to receiving mentorship.

This is Nicholas School of the Environment initiative.

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