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InVisu est lauréat des appels à projets avec un projet de géo-visualisation de contenus de la Perséide Athar sur le Caire moderne en collaboration avec l’Ifao et .


The project “La fabrique du Caire moderne” recruits a part-time research assistant on an hourly-paid basis for nine months in the calendar year of 2019 with a two-month probation period. Remuneration is hourly, with a limit of 400 euros per month. The position is renewable for 2020.

يقدم مشروع البحث “صناعة القاهرة الحديثة” وظيفة مساعد أبحاث بنظام الساعات و لمدة 9 شهور خلال عام 2019 على ان يمر بفترة تجريبية مدتها شهران. المرتب يعتمد على عدد الساعات بحد أقصى 400 يورو شهريا. هذه الوظيفة قابلة للتجديد فى 2020.

Details / التفاصيل:

Our first workshop takes place at Ifao, 2 May 2019.

Programme of Thursday May 2nd – open to general public to attend 

    • Mot de bienvenue/Greetings: Frederic Abecassis (IFAO) (French & English)
    • 14:15 Mercedes Volait (CNRS) & Adam Mestyan (Duke University), “Introducing the Project”
    • 14:30-15:00 Ghislaine Alleaume (CNRS), “Sources for the urban history of Khedival Alexandria” (in English)
    • 15:00-15:30 Magdi Guirguis (Kafr al-Shaykh University and IFAO), “The Coptic Patriarchate Archives and the Urban History of Cairo” (in Arabic)
    • 15:30-16:00 Rezk Nori (The Center for Contemporary Egyptian History, Egyptian National Library), “The Inheritance of Merchants in Muhammad ‘Ali’s Cairo as a Source for Urban History” (in Arabic)
    • 16:00-16:30 Coffee break
    • 16:30-17:00: Adam Mestyan (Duke University), “Property Identification and Administration in Modern Cairo: The Narrative Method” (in English)
    • 17:00-17:30 Mercedes Volait (CNRS), “Telling a Story through Photography? About Some Rare Views of Modern Cairo” (in English)
    • 17:30-18:00 Hossam al-Din Isma‘il (‘Ayn Shams University), “David Roberts as a Source for Documenting Cairo” (in Arabic)
    • 18:30 Summary discussion
    19:00 Reception
The project received a seed grant from the Franklin Humanities Institute and the Office of Global Affairs/Mellon Global Enhancement Fund at Duke University. Hurray!