About the Text & the Edition

This project is an exploration in the process of creating a scholarly digital edition of the Rubenstein Latin MS 005 fragment, which is a 12th century Breviary fragment.

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Latin MS 005 is one of many Latin manuscripts housed in the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

Transcription of this manuscript was begun under the instruction of Prof. Clare Woods in the Classics department, and the digital edition has continued as an extension of this work, with appreciation both to her support and that of Prof. Victoria Szabo and Digital Humanities Specialist Will Shaw. The images of Rubenstein Latin MS 005 have been made available by the librarians at the Rubenstein Library. Thank you!

software has facilitated the transformation of my TEI XML document into user-friendly HTML.  

About the Editor

Ann Chapman Price is a PhD student in the Graduate Program in Religion at Duke University. She is a historian of Christian theology and spirituality, with a focus on high-late medieval and early modern Christian mysticism.