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Collage featuring BOOST Beyond Mentees from year 1 of the program. The mentee photos are arranged around the BOOST Beyond logo, which is the name "BOOST Beyond" situated to the right of a rocket ship.

BOOST Beyond is a student-driven mentorship program designed to help students plan and accomplish their post-high school goals. This program is open to any high school junior or senior who has been enrolled in BOOST for at least 1 year at any point in their education. This includes former BOOST, XL, XXL, and 4G scholars, as well as JCiTs and Junior Coaches. In other words, if you were ever in BOOST for at least a year, and stepped away at some point, you still may be eligible to participate!

Students who participate in BOOST Beyond are called “mentees”. Mentees are paired with 2 graduate student mentors who work with them over the course of a year. While BOOST Beyond mentors are most knowledgeable about the college application process, they can also help mentees with any of their academic and professional goals!

Click here or check out the BOOST Beyond FAQ for more information.