It’s about solutions: bird friendly glass

On June 21st, blogger Max Perilstein wrote a post about the need to make bird-friendly glass a solution for bird collisions instead of the causing factor. His blog was published in “Glass” magazine and talks about our Duke University collision project as an example of collisions that could well be prevented with the right kind of glass. At Duke, we now hope to move forward with making existing and new buildings bird friendly. Soon we hope to show you how we are preventing collisions on campus.

Read the blog here!

2 thoughts on “It’s about solutions: bird friendly glass

  1. Hi We Are Having Problems Also With Birds Flying Into Our Home’s Windows. Wondering If There Is Something You Can Suggest For Us To Help With This Thanks Debi Guth

    1. Hi Debi,

      There are several ways in which you can prevent collisions. Basically, anything that hangs outside the window and is separated by no more than 3 inches works, like string. Another way which can be easier is to purchase off-the-shelf solutions like those offered by WindowAlert which are UV reflective stickers you can put on your windows. We hope you can find a way to help us save birds! Thanks

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