About Biology Writes

Introducing Biology Writes, a new program (modeled after existing programs such as Faculty Write and the Graduate Writing Lab) designed to support all writers in our department.  The primary goals of Biology Writes are to enhance writing productivity, writing self-efficacy, and collegiality related to writing practices.


Potential offerings include:

  • Writing groups to enhance writing productivity, collegiality, and the exchange of ideas
  • Writing retreats to offer opportunities during the academic year and the summer to set aside time for writing and to write in the company of others
  • New course(s) to mentor graduate students and advanced undergraduates through the entire process of publishing their first journal article
  • Workshops and seminars to provide information and advice on a range of topics such as productive writing habits, managing complex writing projects, and avoiding implicit bias
  • One-on-one writing consultations to suggest strategies, offer encouragement, and provide information to help writers move forward with their work
  • Resources published in the biology newsletter and webpage


The first step in making this program a success is to hear from you!   What support do you need to become a more productive, confident, and impactful writer?   If you are a member of the Duke Biology Department, please fill out this survey or email your thoughts to Julie.A.Reynolds@duke.edu.  Thanks in advance!