An Ode to Morocco – Kayla Smith

On my way home from the airport, I found myself staring out the car window, marveling at the rolling fields filled with tobacco; the dense forests of oak and pine with all shades of striking green; farm ponds with a thin film of algae reflecting the sun – everything Morocco doesn’t have. Yet I longed […]

Bye-bye Al-mamlakah al-maghribiyyah- Ahmed Salat

Moroccan Flag along a street in Tangier

With this blogpost, my time in the Kingdom of Morocco has come to an end. It’s been an awesome six weeks filled with adventures, intellectual and academic development. I can proudly say that this was one of the best trips of my life, if not the best. The […]

The “Returning Home” Shock – Harry Sanderson

It feels almost surreal to be writing this final blog post. As our time in Morocco has already come to an end, I am sitting on my bed back at home feeling more of a culture shock than when I initially arrived in Morocco.

If I were to characterize my experience in Morocco, I would […]

Reflections and Realizations – Michelle Rodriguez

Coming back home from Morocco, everything seems outside reality. From the countless commercial businesses to the spaced out living styles of residents, I feel the familiarity of home tinged with a constant comparison of here vs. there. Six weeks in Morocco was enough for me to question everything I casually overlooked throughout the constant motions […]

I Took A Plane from Morocco Just to Bless the Rain – Alex Frumkin


It’s 3:30 AM and I’m finally settled in before my flight home. Today has certainly been intense, but in retrospect, it’s really just the same level of intensity as any other day over the past 6 weeks. My entire trip felt like a whirlwind from start to finish, and looking back, […]

Until Next Time, by Maria Renteria


With this blogpost, our time in Morocco comes to an end. This finality snuck up on me– as much as I missed my family and American food, I’d grown accustomed to everything Morocco was. It’s laissez-faire culture of “Insha’allah” (God-willing), and “msh mshkila” (no problem) have been ingrained in me. It’s not very efficient: […]

Bailey Carkenord Blog Post 6 – Final Reflection

After seven weeks abroad, it is my first night back in the United States. It feels different to be back in my home country, almost surreal, but also not so different from my nights in Morocco; I’m still laughing with my best friend Molly, still exhausted from a long day, still cranking out homework. As […]

The Ocean Between Us – Noah Huffman

I opened the door of the canary yellow cab and slid onto the sunbaked leather seat that was half unhinged from the floorboard. The driver gave me an almost-toothless smile with only a few rotted nubs remaining in his otherwise vacant mouth. The old engine shook the rickety car as we tumbled down the busy […]