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Academic analysis of “Ambiguously Human”

This will likely be the last update on Ambiguously Human! I’ve finished the written portion of this project, and it’s available here if you’re interested in reading (all or part of) it. It includes an introduction to some of the theories that influenced me, analyses of the individual components, and my reflections on the project as a whole. It also has photo documentation of the installation, if you didn’t get a chance to see it in person. You can probably skip the website documentation section, though…

Read the main text below, or view the complete document here.

Download the PDF file Ambiguoulsy Human analysis preview.

Project Closing Reception

Thank you all for joining me in this project! I hope it’s prompted new ideas or questions about the definition of “human,” and that it’s been interesting and fun in the process. I would love to hear what you thought of it and get the chance to thank you in person, so I’m holding one last event.

Please join me!

Ambiguously Human Closing Reception

Saturday, March 26 from 2-4pm

at the picnic tables in the Discovery Garden of Duke Gardens

light lunch provided

RSVP here

I’ll be standing by with open ears! It’s an informal reception, so stop by when you can and stay as long as you like. Funding for refreshments is made possible by the Kenan Institute for Ethics

If you can’t make it but still have some thoughts or questions about the project, please email me! I really do want to hear from you.

“The Stepford Wives” and “Ex Machina” screenings

The last two screenings and discussions in the film series have been scheduled! We’ll look at The Stepford Wives with Rubenstein Curator Rachel Ingold at 7pm on Tuesday, March 1 in the East Duke building and then Ex Machina with Professors Kate Hayles and Jay O’berski at 7pm on Thursday, March 10 at Perkins Library. Read more about the films and general topics for their discussions on the films page, and join the facebook groups (here’s the page for The Stepford Wives and the page for Ex Machina).

Please share with anyone you think might be interested! I hope to see you there.

Project Blog

Hi everyone! This is the blog portion of Ambiguously Human, where I’ll be offering  reflections on the events and new tie-ins to the ideas I’m exploring. Stay tuned for biology, philosophy, writing, videos, and more on what makes someone a “human” as opposed to a “thing.”

Please send me any suggestions, thoughts, or feedback!

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