The Project

How do different disciplines define what is human as opposed to what is a thing? And how can bringing together several investigations across those disciplines generate new ideas and questions about what it means to be human?

The public events in Ambiguously Human invite you to explore these questions. This project features an installation in the Nasher Museum of Art, a film series around campus, and a project blog. Be sure to check the calendar for events you can attend. If you’re interested, read more about this project and its influences.

Ambiguously Human is Kati Henderson’s master’s project with Duke’s Graduate Liberal Studies department, where she’s creating a program of study on interdisciplinary public engagement. She would love to hear what you think about Ambiguously Human! Email or talk to her at any of the project events.

Ambiguously Human is complete

There are no more events. The project analysis is available on the blog. This website will remain active as long as possible.

Thank you all for making it work in ways I couldn’t have foreseen!


Latest from the Blog

Academic analysis of “Ambiguously Human”

April 21, 2016 / updates / written analysis

This will likely be the last update on Ambiguously Human! I’ve finished the written portion of this project, and it’s available here if you’re interested in reading all or part of it. It includes an introduction to some of the theories that influenced me, analyses of the individual components, and my reflections on the project as a whole. It also has photo documentation of the installation, if you didn’t get a chance to see it.

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