Episode 4-The Phenotype approach

For this past week, I have been listening to my peers present chalk talks on theirs works, providing me with insight into other areas of biological research. Of these projects, Sweta Kafle’s  phenotypic analysis of transgenerational seed stability in Arabidopsis thaliana could act as an indicator for the stability of transgenerational affects in these plants. These transgeneraiontal affects would be induced by  placing Arabidopsis thaliana  F0’s in hot or cold conditions, then either keeping these conditions constant throuighout the F2 generation, or alternting this patern of hot and cold until the F2 generation, Or altering the hot and cold conditions then keeping those conditions constant ( Hot cold cold, cold hot hot) until the F2 generation..The reason that her project was so interesting to me is while we are analyzing a similar phenomenon, we are taking 2 very different approaches. While S’weta is testing for phenotypic changes and then going on to test for epigenetic ones, I am doing the exact opposite. This talk helped provide me with insight into how the next steps for my own project should be to analyze the phenotypic affects( behavioral, physiological) that an epigentic insult has on my F1 rats. But  coming back to S’weta’s project, I really liked the way that Sweta provided a comphrehensive look into both the flaws and strengths of her study, and it in turn provided a wonderful experience.  I am looking forward to the results of Sweta’s study, and any further insight that future related projects have.


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