Resources for Students

In addition to student groups, Duke has various departments dedicated to aiding its students in navigating campus life. Although these departments are not directly aimed at the Asian/American community, their goals and missions align with the wants and needs of many Asian/American communities on campus. 

Center for Multicultural Affairs: The Center for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) promotes community engagement, multicultural education, leadership development, and social justice education among the student population. Their programs and services aim to empower students and their organizations to create a vibrant and inclusive community. CMA also has a dedicated Asian/American space, the Asian American Pacific Islander Bridge to Action, Solidarity, and Education (AAPI BASE). CMA and its spaces are located in the lower level of the Bryan Center. 

Center for Muslim Life: The Center for Muslim Life (CML) is committed to enriching the lives of Muslim students and the whole campus through events and activities that cater to the spiritual, social, and intellectual needs of Duke students. In addition to programming that deals with issues in Muslim communities, CML organizes a variety of activities and events related to interfaith, community service, and social activism. CML is located at 406 Swift Avenue in Durham. 

International House (IHouse): International House (IHouse) provides educational programs, services and advocacy to the Duke global community on campus as well as outreach to the greater Durham area. They offer extensive cross-cultural information and training to enhance the mission of the university. IHouse is located at 2 Epworth Dorm Lane on East Campus.