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Student Groups

Duke has numerous organizations that serve various Asian/American communities on campus. If your organization is not listed or you want to update information, let us know

Multicultural Organizations

Asian American Alliance aspires to be a pan-Asian organization dedicated to radical anti-racist, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist politics, aiming to strengthen the political voice of the Asian American population at Duke and beyond. Current projects include an anti-imperialist media literacy project, Duke staff appreciation event, and letter writing to incarcerated people event. 

Meetings are held every Wednesday from 7-8pm EST. Sign up here to express interest in joining or staying updated. 

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Duke Asian American Pacific Islander Queers (APIQ) is a community for those who identify as LGBTQIA+ and AAPI! They have a closed and confidential GroupMe and welcome those who fall anywhere on the spectrum from still questioning and exploring their identity to fully out.


Duke’s ASA seeks to support and serve as a lobbying voice for the political, cultural and social interests of students of Asian Pacific Heritage, raising awareness and provide an open space to learn about historical and contemporary issues facing people of Asian Pacific heritage. ASA also looks to transcend social borders and to foster relations with other groups on campus through community interaction. Current projects include the Bean and Sprout mentoring program, Asian Creative Festival, and a Spring Showcase. 

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Duke International Association works towards creating a social, cultural and academic environment at Duke that addresses the needs of the international community. IA raises international awareness on campus through our cultural, social, academic, career events and provide policy advocacy for issues affecting International Students at Duke, hoping to bridge the social and cultural gap between American and non-American students on campus. They are also committed to ease the transition and integration of international students to Durham and the University. Projects include Springternational, Global Awareness Week, Cultural Nights, Pangea Night, and the International Ambassador Program.

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Duke South Asian Student Association (DIYA) is dedicated to celebrating the diversity within South Asian culture. DIYA’s mission includes actively promoting a greater awareness of social, cultural and political issues concerning the South Asian community. Current events and projects include Awaaz, Holi, Triangle Garba, a big/little program, and movie and snack nights.

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Duke ASEAN aims to promote awareness of Southeast Asia and building the Southeast Asian community on campus. Current projects include the Buddies mentoring program, movie/game nights, and workshops. 

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Ethnicity Affinity Organizations

Duke’s CSA serves the Chinese community at Duke by promoting cultural awareness on campus and beyond. They hold various cultural events and panel discussions, host social opportunities, offer professional resources, and help coordinate the Duke US-China Summit. 


JCC is a group of students that love to learn more about and engage with Japanese culture, whether through anime watch parties, origami crane challenges, dialogues with professors, and food nights. In addition, JCC collaborates with the Japanese Language Department and other Asian cultural groups to host various events.


KUSA hosts events and provides support for Korean international, Korean-American and Korean-interest students. They host a variety of food events to celebrate holidays like Chuseok (Mid-Autumn Festival) and Seol-nal (Lunar New Years), events with the Korean Department on campus, and events with other Asian organizations on campus.


PSA aims to provide a platform for Pakistani and non-Pakistani students alike to connect with the country’s rich culture, engage with the issues facing it, and form a network of support and community for all those who associate with it. Events include speaker series by people connected to Pakistani culture, cricket games, and board game nights.


TASA promotes interest and understanding of Taiwanese culture among the Duke community and unites students that are from Taiwan, of Taiwanese heritage, or interested in Taiwanese culture. They host events such as dumpling nights, mahjong nights, hot pot, and the Coffee Chats mentoring system. 

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Duke Singapore Students Association represents the Singaporean student community at Duke. The Singaporean community at Duke comprises a diverse mix of undergraduates, graduate students and post-doctoral students. Duke SSA serves to provide a “home away from home” for Singaporeans and to promote Singaporean interests and culture at Duke University. They organize social and cultural events including the Freshmen Welcome Picnic, celebrations of Mid-Autumn and Chinese New Year, and Dinner&Games events. 

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VSA has the goal of creating community and promoting Vietnamese culture at Duke. Although a new club, they host game nights, food runs, movie nights, and coffee chats. 

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Religious Groups

Duke AIV is a community of people that explores who Jesus is and what that could mean for us. Their mission statement is “to be are a witnessing community that transforms lives, our campus, and the world through the love and power of Jesus Christ.” They hold weekly small and large group meetings as well as a Discipleship program. 

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Duke’s MSA is an organization committed to representing Muslim students at Duke while also fostering campus and community-wide engagement with Islam and related issues. Students come to MSA events to pray together, learn more about Islam, or simply to hang out with friends and get to know more people.

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Graduate Student Groups

Duke Chinese Students and Scholars Association is one of the largest student groups on campus, having served the Duke Chinese community for over 25 years. DCSSA provides services by organizing diverse social, cultural and academic programs to Chinese students, scholars, staff and spouses at Duke as well as outreach to broader Durham community. Cultural exchange is promoted through celebrating various festivals.