Long ago… in a far distant land (aka 1995 and 1996), then freshman Samantha Wood and senior Frannie Goodrich played for the open ultimate team. That team was called Roadkill (or maybe Vertigo?). Anyhow, Frannie ended up graduating in ’96, and Sam went on to found Duke’s Women’s Ultimate team later that year in the fall.

The team was named Xena after the show “Xena: Warrior Princess.” Xena changed its name to Chakra after a few years, though, either fall ’99 or ’01.  In late 2012, the team briefly changed their name to Disk Jockeys, too, but that lasted less than a month before they changed to Swerve, inspired by a hat that Dani Replogle owned and wore to play with great frequency.

And that, my friends, is how Swerve came to be.

Since then, Duke’s Women’s Ultimate team has qualified for nationals once in 2003 in Austin, TX. (We finished 11th!)

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Contact us at dukeswerve@gmail.com!