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To submit to VOICES, please directly send submissions to with your name, title of the submission(s), and a one-sentence description about yourself. If your submission is too large to send by email, please contact us for more information.

Submission for the next issue of VOICES is currently rolling.

We accept all creative work from the medical community, including from patients, premed students, the medical school, physician’s assistant program, pathology assistant program, physical therapy program, nursing school, and other health professions.


For essay/narrative/poetry submissions:
Please include your name as you would like printed, or if you would like to withhold your name for anonymous publication
1-sentence byline (see previous issue for examples)
Title of your piece
Preference given to pieces under 1000 words
**Please send a .docx file


For photography/artwork submissions:
Your name as you would like it printed
1-sentence byline (see previous issue for examples)
Title of your artwork/photograph
Short description of your piece (see previous issue for examples)
Attachment or provide google drive link to files
  • Minimum 300 ppi resolution
  • TIFF, EPS, or unedited JPEG (least compressed) file formats


When I submit a piece to VOICES, who owns the copyright to the piece?

Authors retain all copyright and permission for reprint of pieces that are published or submitted. If we receive any inquiries for your piece, we will direct them to you.

After I submit a piece to VOICES, what happens?

We will assign an editor to your piece after we have gathered all the pieces for a particular issue, and your editor will personally contact you if there are any changes that they would like to suggest. It will ultimately be up to you whether you would like to include those changes in the final publication. If you change your mind about edits after publication, the piece is yours to change in any future submissions.

What if my artwork isn’t digital, can I still submit to VOICES?

Yes! We have published paintings in previous publications and it is definitely encouraged to submit artwork to VOICES. In order for you to retain the original artwork after you submit, please email a clear and high-quality (300 dpi, TIFF preferred) photograph of the artwork you would like to submit, and we can work with you from there.

What if I’m not a health professional?

We are definitely not exclusive to health professionals, as patients and families of patients have also submitted and been published in VOICES. If you have a health-related piece of creative work, we definitely encourage you to submit.

What if the deadline for an issue has already passed?

Please still submit to, as we are continually accumulating pieces for future publications. The deadline is a guideline for when we are beginning the editing and layout process for a particular issue. If you submit after the deadline, your piece can still be considered for future issues.