5:30-7:00PM, Nasher Museum of Art

Free and open to the public.

“An Epistemology of the Virtual: or, what can Concealing Reveal?”

Lance Winn
Department of Art and Design and Center for Material Culture Studies
University of Delaware

Conference Panels and Speakers
9:00AM-6:00PM, Nasher Museum of Art

Free and open to the public.

I. Welcome and Introduction [9:00-9:15AM]
Sarah Schroth, Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University
Robert M. Ehrenreich, Mandel Center, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Paul Jaskot, Dept. of Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Duke University

II. The Ethics of Visual Sources and Visualization [9:15-10:30AM]
Session Chair: Michael Haley Goldman, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

“A Day at the Beach: Littoral Space in the Liepāja Massacre Photographs”
Daniel Magilow, University of Tennessee

“Cartography and the Representation of Atrocity: Mapping Indigenous Genocide”
Margaret Pearce, Cartographer

Respondent: Paul Jaskot, Duke University

III. Criminal Places as (Digitized and Digital) Data [10:45AM-12:00PM]
Session Chair: Eve Duffy, Duke University

“Spaces and Places of the Holocaust: Methodological Reflections”
Alberto Giordano, Texas State University

“Conflict Urbanism: Colombia – The Memory of a Conflict Through a Single Dataset”
Juan Francisco Saldarriaga, Columbia University

Respondent: Anton Kusters, Independent Artist

IV. Historical Texts as (Digitized and Digital) Spatial Data [1:30-2:45PM]
Session Chair: Anika Walke, Washington University

“I Was Here: Spatial Problems in Holocaust Survivor Interviews”
Anne Kelly Knowles, University of Maine, and Tim Cole, Bristol University

“Text Mining Archival Records to Map 19th-Century Potato Blight”
Laura Tateosian, North Carolina State University

Respondent: Todd Presner, UCLA

V. Pedagogical Approaches to Visualizing (Holocaust and non-Holocaust) Digital Datasets [3:00-4:15PM]
Session Chair: Robert M. Ehrenreich, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

“Constructing a Teachable Archive: Curating a Primary Source Experience in the Digital World”
Leah Wolfson, U.S. Holocaust memorial Museum

“Contested Histories: Collaborative Approaches to Visualizing Cultural Heritage”
Victoria Szabo, Duke University

Respondent: Rachel Deblinger, UC Santa Cruz

VI. Concluding Roundtable [4:15-5:00]
Moderators: Robert M. Ehrenreich and Paul Jaskot

Reception to Follow