Productivity Apps

You may find one of the most effective ways to use technology to further your productivity is to circumscribe your own access to it.  Consider deleting some apps as a means of eliminating your temptation to waste time. If you discover that you spend too much time on a given site or sites, simply block with Leechblock for Firefox, StayFocusd for Chrome, and WasteNoTime for Safari.

Consider deleting apps like facebook that you spend a great deal of time using  on all but one of your devices, which you only use during times of planned non-productivity.

Resources on handling technology productively:

Useful Apps:

  • Focus: Pomodoro System

  • To-do Lists

  • Text Editor

  • Project Management

  • File Sync

  • Calendar

  • Handling Data

  • Notebooks

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Spaced Repetition System based language learning.