Welcome to the Duke Interprofessional Health Education Series: Clinical Essentials of Telehealth. We have created a number of modules that will introduce you to strategies that will allow you to ease the burden of conducting a telehealth visit — for both the provider and patient.

This series includes the modules:

    • A Practical Approach to Performing a Telehealth Visit: Pearls and Pitfalls
    • Clinical Essentials of Telehealth: General Assessment
    • Clinical Essentials of Telehealth: Head and Neck Assessment
    • Clinical Essentials of Telehealth: Cardiopulmonary Assessment
    • Clinical Essentials of Telehealth: Musculoskeletal Assessment
    • Clinical Essentials of Telehealth: Neurologic Assessment
    • Essentials of Teledermatology: Focus on the Virtual Skin Exam and Photography

These video modules can be accessed one-by-one through the pages in the site navigation. These modules are interactive. The video will pause at select timestamps to provide you with further information or to prompt you to answer questions to test your knowledge. You will not be able to fast-forward through the video and are required to complete these interactions to reach the end of the module.

Each module is being used as part of a research study evaluating the use of a virtual modular telehealth curriculum for health professions students. Your deidentified responses to the knowledge checks and metadata associated with the module will be used unless you choose not to participate. Participation is voluntary and there are no consequences for opting out. At the beginning of each module, you will receive a prompt asking you if you would like to participate in this study.

To access these video modules, you will need to register in Playposit by navigating to the Playposit page, clicking the “Set Up Your Playposit Account” button, and following the steps listed.

If you have any questions about these modules, you can contact Daniel Ostrovsky at daniel.ostrovsky@duke.edu.