Welcome to the Malaria Collaboratory at Duke University

Malaria is an immiserating condition throughout the tropics, where it preys on the most vulnerable populations and kills nearly 500,000 children annually. Most of these are in sub-Saharan Africa.

Given the immensity of the malaria problem and the pressing need for solutions, the smartest, most dedicated, and most passionate scientists should necessarily work on malaria.

To this end, our strategy is to recruit new scientific talent into the malaria field, and therefore constitute a “collaboratory.”

To see our current projects with local and far-flung colleagues, click above on “Projects.” To see our faces and names, click above on “People.”

If you are a Duke undergraduate student, Master’s student, PhD student, or professional school student, or another type of student that I have forgotten, and want to explore opportunities to work on malaria, contact Steve at steve.taylor at duke.edu.