Welcome to the 2023 Annual Report

A Message from the Chair

It gives me great pride to look back on another successful year in Duke Surgery. Each year brings with it many opportunities and challenges, each representing a chance to apply our expertise and insights gained from years of scientific inquiry to positively impact our patients. I hope you will take time to review some of the many accomplishments from the last year in this year’s Annual Report, a few of which I have outlined below.

We have achieved groundbreaking results in patient care that gained international recognition, including a transplant procedure that will increase available donor hearts by roughly 30 percent in the Donated After Circulatory Death (DCD) program. Our physicians also achieved nation-leading milestones in Hepatic Artery Infusion (HAI) Pump placement. We also crossed the 5,000-case threshold for kidney transplants and the 10,000-case mark for all transplanted organs. Duke Surgery is one of only 20 programs in the country to achieve these milestones.

Our commitment to exemplary patient care is affirmed by Duke University Hospital’s Meritorious outcomes recognition for surgical patient care, recognized for the seventh consecutive year by ACS NSQIP®. Additionally, Duke Children’s Hospital’s Cardiology and Heart Surgery program ascending to the #2 ranking in the nation, coupled with the diverse educational programs accommodating 126 residents across seven programs, underscores our department’s multifaceted success.

Our dedication to education remains a cornerstone, strengthening our capacity to positively shape the future of academic surgery. Emphasizing a transition from trainees to faculty, 13 graduates of our training programs have joined our esteemed faculty, exemplifying their dedication to our mission and our commitment to nurturing talent.

We once again earned the top spot among U.S. medical school surgery departments for NIH funding. Duke Surgery’s remarkable achievement speaks volumes about our dedication to pioneering research and advancement in surgical care. Notably, four department members ranked among the top ten highest-funded principal investigators, showcasing our faculty’s exceptional contributions to cutting-edge research initiatives.

Amidst the evolving landscape post-COVID-19, our researchers persist in their endeavors. Esteemed experts are dedicated to pioneering work, focusing on the development of improved vaccines targeting variant strains of SARS-CoV-2. Notably, substantial grants, such as a $21.5 million NIH grant leveraging prior HIV research for a pan-coronavirus vaccine, underscore our dedication to fortifying defenses against potential future coronavirus variants.

Our engagement with local to international communities remains steadfast, with initiatives that reflect our commitment to community service and outreach. Furthermore, our proactive steps to diversify recruitment and support underrepresented groups in surgery exemplify our commitment to equity and inclusion.

As we celebrate our successes, we remain focused on nurturing future talent and fostering a community rooted in excellence, compassion, and diversity. Together, we move forward, united, for all, in our pursuit of excellence and unwavering in our dedication to improving patient care and advancing the field of surgery.

Circle portrait of Dr. Allan D. Kirk

Allan D. Kirk, MD, PhD, FACS
Chair, Department of Surgery

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Patient Care

Patients are at the heart of the Duke Surgery mission. Learn about the groundbreaking achievements we have made over the past year in our continued commitment to deliver unparalleled care.

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Duke Surgery is committed to advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in our community and in surgical practice. Learn about the strides that our teams have made in these areas.

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Our Mission

By fostering an inclusive and sustainably equitable environment throughout our multidisciplinary teams, we:

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