When constraint is total, there is no freedom. But the absence of all constraint is randomness. Freedom lies somewhere in between. But where, exactly?

What’s on this Site

This site does not exist yet. But until it does, anyone stumbling on it is welcome to read whatever is posted here. In the short-run, I’m guessing there will be a few (very) short stories (Huffin the Puffin stories — who’s he?), an early draft of an essay on meaning (answering none of your questions about it), and maybe the opening lines of a political speech (that no one will ever give in a campaign for an office that does not exist). I’ll put that last one up first.

Eventually, when the site finally does exist, it will be a mix of  hyper-self-aware, heavily ironical oobleck, of the sort that modern readers demand, and — hidden among the oobleck flakes — a fair amount of old-fashioned story telling and moralizing. There will even be an essay entitled “We Could Use a Few Dull Moments” (if only to justify the site name). Over time, as times change, the plan is to decrease the oobleck and increase the moralizing.

But all that is to come. As I say, this site does not yet exist.

D. McShea

** Drawing by Tam Ferguson**