DNASTAR Lasergene Renewed

We have renewed Duke’s DNASTAR Lasergene site license, and the new license keys and installers are now available on our software distribution site here.

This software is available to Duke faculty, staff, and students at no cost through OIT.

For more information on the product, including new feature enhancements, please visit the vendor’s website.


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CrystalMaker License Bundle Renewed

Duke’s site license for CrystalMaker has been renewed, and the newest versions for Windows and Mac can be found on the software distribution site here.

For support, tutorials, videos, and updates, please visit http://crystalmaker.com/support/index.html.

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SAS Licenses Updated

The licenses for SAS software have been renewed and updated.  Renewal licenses for SAS 9.4 and 9.3 are available for download, and all installation options have been updated for the latest version (SAS 9.4 TS1M8, Rev. 940_23w25).

The new licenses will extend the expiration date of the software to June 30, 2024.

To get renewal licenses and download links, please visit:  https://software.duke.edu/node/169

Renewal files for JMP/JMP Pro are also available here.

For more information on SAS at Duke, visit https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/sas-information

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Maple 2023 now available

We have renewed Duke’s Maplesoft license and Maple 2023 is now available for download on the software distribution site here: https://software.duke.edu/node/122

Faculty and staff may download Maple software at no cost and use it on Duke-owned and personally owned computers for Duke purposes. Students may purchase a personal perpetual license for $35.
Maple is a powerful interactive computer algebra system that provides a complete mathematical environment for the manipulation of symbolic algebraic expressions, arbitrary-precision numerics, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, and programming.
To find out about the new features included with Maple 2023 please visit the Maplesoft website: https://www.maplesoft.com/products/maple/new_features/ 
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Stata/SE Licenses Renewed / Stata 18 Now Available

We have renewed Duke’s annual Stata/SE license for the year, and the new authorization codes and installers are now available for purchase on the software distribution site here: https://software.duke.edu/node/181

If you purchased a Stata/SE license within 3 months of the expiration date, then your purchase includes a renewal license that may be used to extend the expiration date of your software until July 23, 2024. Renewal authorization codes/installers will be emailed to anyone who purchased Stata/SE within this grace period.

Stata/SE 18 is now available. For information on the new features included with this release please visit the vendor’s website: https://www.stata.com/new-in-stata/

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IBM SPSS Statistics Renewed

Duke’s annual license for IBM SPSS Statistics has been renewed, and the new licenses will expire on July 31, 2024. Renewal codes are available for versions 26, 27, and 28 of SPSS Statistics, and new installations of SPSS 29 (64-bit only) are also available.

If you purchased an SPSS license on or after May 1, 2023, you will be sent renewal authorization codes by email that may be used to extend the expiration date of your software.

IBM SPSS Statistics Premium licenses are available for purchase through OIT for $100 per computer, per year.  https://software.duke.edu/node/178

Annual licenses are not prorated, and they expire on a fixed date that does not coincide with the date of purchase or calendar year.

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New think-cell license key request process

think-cell license has changed the process for obtaining license keys.

Access to the software will now be requested through think-cell directly and they will email license keys.

Please visit https://software.duke.edu/node/188 for details on how to request access. License keys are good for a full 12 months and think-cell will provide renewal keys.

Think-cell is a Microsoft Office add-in that integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint and helps you to visualize complex charts like Marimekko, Gantt, and waterfall within minutes.

Visit the think-cell website for more information.

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MATLAB New Portal and Duke SSO now available

New Duke MathWorks portal is now available. The license activation process has changed eliminating the use of activation keys. MATLAB now uses Duke SSO login to access downloads and activate the software.

For installation/technical support please visit: https://www.mathworks.com/support/contact_us.html


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EndNote 21 Now Available

EndNote 21 is now available at no cost through OIT Software Licensing for Windows and MacOS.

Feature enhancements for EndNote 21 include:

* Protect Your Work With Data Restoration Function
* Stay Organized with Tags
* New Exclusive EndNote Web Interface
* Cite While You Write in Google Docs

To access the newest version of EndNote, please visit: https://software.duke.edu/

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TreeSize Professional 9 Now Available

The latest version of TreeSize Professional is now available as a free download for Duke faculty and staff.
TreeSize Professional is a powerful and flexible hard disk space manager for Windows and Windows Server.
To order the software, please visit https://software.duke.edu/node/191
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