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Application Information

To be eligible for the fellowships, you need to:

  • Be a doctoral student in the English department at Duke University
  • Have completed your preliminary exams by the start date of the fellowship
  • Receive a letter from your dissertation director testifying to satisfactory progress in the requirements for the degree at the time of application and at review time after the first year of the fellowship

Two fellowships will be awarded each year by the Rhodes Information Initiative at Duke.

Please note: no background in digital or computational methods is necessary. Students of all levels of digital experience (including no experience) are encouraged to apply! The workshops during the first year of the fellowship will guide you in developing a project and learning what skills you will need to develop in order to finish the project.

To apply, please email the Faculty Coordinator, Astrid Giugni, to schedule a pre-application meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to help you navigate the application process!