Week 1

  1. MGySgt Amber Hecht (amber.hecht@usmc.mil)
    • High Level Maintenance
    • Provided context on issue in general
    • Discussed the speed and flexibility of GCSS
  2. SSgt Cynthia Crady (cynthia.crady@usmc.mil)
    • Maintenance Side
    • Closer to operations, diagnosing issues with equipment
    • Slow/unreliable data was her largest blocker
  3. Capt Conor Bender (conor.bender@usmc.mil)
    • Problem Sponsor
    • Raised issues with maintenance inputting issues
    • Intro to the workflow of the system
  4. MSgt Carlos Lemus (carlos.lemus@usmc.mil)
    • Problem Sponsor
    • Insight into the use cases of GCSS
    • Introduced problem of stale data
  5. GySgt Seth Forbes (seth.forbes@usmc.mil)
    • Maintenance
    • Runs into issues with drilling into data
    • Introduced us to OTS
  6. 1stLt Monica Mendoza  (monica.mendoza@usmc.mil)
    • Supply side
    • Runs into issues generating reports
    • Uses GCSS as a tool for determining purchases
  7. CWO3 Ryan Stewart (ryan.d.stewart@usmc.mil)
    • Supply side
    • Also addressed issues with drilling down
    • Connection issues/Speed
  8. Maj Christopher Dettle (christopher.dettle@usmc.mil)
    • Supply side
    • High Level view of issue
    • Good insight into why this is an important issue
    • Not great for details
  • From our preliminary discussions, it seems there are a variety of issues involved in the supply chain of material readiness. Our initial hypothesis was proved correct with a major caveat. These readiness reports are accessible to the CG, however the effectiveness and reliability of  these reports varies widely due to unreliable access to the main system, stale data and complex data management.  The reporting of material readiness is both deep and broad, involving many levels as well as many components at each level. Our initial insight is that there could be a better way to connect those reporting errors at the operation and maintenance level to the Command General who is allocating resources to improve readiness.
  • We need to expand our interviews to people with more technical insight on GCSS to get a better understanding of the functionality and data types being passed in.
  • Our initial MVP is based the idea that the structure of GCSS doesn’t fully fill the need of a large volume of users and quick access to request and update data.

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