La jefa 大老闆

Kathleen Pryer

Professor of Biology
Director of DUKE Herbarium
My research focuses on integrated molecular and morphological phylogenetic studies of land plant diversity and evolution; polyploidy and apomixis in ferns; reconciling molecular rate heterogeneity with life history patterns; strategic planning for collections-based institutes, especially herbaria

El otro jefe 另外一個大老闆

Michael Windham

CV (July 2021)

Senior Research Scientist
Curator of Vascular 
Plants (DUKE)
I use cytogenetics to understand plant evolution.  My research focuses on many taxonomic groups, but especially ferns, and various genera of the mustard family (Brassicaceae), mostly Boechera 
and Draba.  Complex patterns of reticulate evolution revealed by chromosome work are resolved by also integrating information from morphology, molecular systematics and reproductive biology.

Los trabajadores 苦力 (grad students, postdocs, et al.)


Senior Research Scientist
Collections Manager of Vascular Plants (DUKE)
I am broadly interested in fern phylogenetics, with a focus on the adiantoid clade (Pteridaceae). In particular, I am obsessed with demonstrating the monophyly of Adiantum, and plumbing the complexities of cheilanthoid evolution. I also like Gilligan.

Ph.D. student
My work revolves around the post-transcriptional pyrimidine exchanges that occur in land plant organellar genomes, a process known as RNA editing. Ferns (along with hornworts and some lycophytes) are notable in that they possess not only C-to-U editing, but also U-to-C editing, which is absent in seed-plants. I am interested in how often RNA editing sites are gained and lost over the course of evolution and how RNA editing shapes evolution in these seed-free lineages.

Nikolai Hay

Ph.D. Candidate

My dissertation research is centered on investigating rapid evolutionary radiations and their consequences for biogeography and conservation in the model plant genus Boechera. My main dissertation objectives are: 1) to contribute intensive data analysis and computational approaches to an ongoing community effort to produce a 1000 gene nuclear phylogeny of all known sexual species belonging to the tribe Boechereae; 2) to investigate why the plastid and nuclear phylogenies of Boechereae are so divergent ; 3) to use the nuclear phylogeny to reconstruct habitat transitions from high montane to desert habitats within the B. perennans clade. I also enjoy collaborating on various fern projects!

Alumnos distinguidos 優秀的前夥伴

Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology

Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan

Duke PhD: 2013-2019




The Duke Initiative for Science & Society

Duke University


Duke PhD: 2012–2019


National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution


Duke PhD: 2009–2017

Fay-Wei Li

Assistant Professor
Boyce Thompson Institute

Duke PhD: 2010–2015
Duke Postdoc: 2015-2016


Assistant Professor
University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Duke PhD: 2008–2014


Amanda Grusz

Assistant Professor
University of Minnesota-Duluth

Duke PhD: 2007–2014


Carl Rothfels

Assistant Professor
University of California-Berkeley

Duke PhD: 2006–2012


Curator of Ferns
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution

Duke PhD: 2007
Duke Postdoc: 2007–2009

Assistant Professor
Witchita State University

Duke Postdoc: 2007–2010


Associate Professor
Towson University

Duke Postdoc: 2005

Maitre de conférences/Assistant professor
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
Paris, France

Duke Postdoc: 2005–2007



Massey Herbarium
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State Univ.

Duke Associate in Research: 2004–2007


Associate Curator
McAllister Chair of Botany
California Academy of Sciences

Duke Postdoc: 2003–2007


Associate Professor
Uppsala University

Duke Postdoc: 2004–2006


Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yunnan, China

Duke Postdoc: 2001
Field Museum Postdoc: 1999-2001