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Officer-Involved: The Media Language of Police Killings
Jonathan Moreno-Medina, Aurelie Ouss, Patrick Bayer, Bocar Ba
NBER Working Paper, 2022

Police Officer Assignment and Neighborhood Crime
Bocar Ba, Patrick Bayer, Nayoung Rim, Roman Rivera, and Modibo Sidibe
NBER Working Paper, 2022

Unequal Jury Representation and Its Consequences
Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer, and Randi Hjalmarsson
American Economic Review: Insights, forthcoming, 2022

Are We Spending Enough on Teachers in the U.S.?
Patrick Bayer, Peter Q. Blair, and Kenneth Whaley
NBER Working Paper, 2021

Separate and Unequal: Race and the Geography of the American Housing Market
Patrick Bayer, Kerwin Kofi Charles, and JoonYup Park
Working Paper, 2021

Speculative Fever: Investor Contagion in the Housing Boom
Patrick Bayer, Kyle Mangum and James Roberts
American Economic Review, 2021

Endogenous Sources of Volatility and Momentum in Housing Markets: The Joint Buyer-Seller Problem
Elliot Anenberg and Patrick Bayer
International Economic Review, 2020

Speculators and Middlemen: The Strategy and Performance of Investors in the Housing Market
Patrick Bayer, Christopher Geissler, Kyle Mangum, and James Roberts
Review of Financial Studies, 2020

The Enduring Legacy of Our Separate and Unequal Geography
Patrick Bayer
in The Dream Revisited: Integration in the 21st Century, Columbia University Press, 2019

Politics in the Courtroom: Political Ideology and Jury Decision Making
Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer, and Randi Hjalmarsson
Journal of the European Economics Association, 2019

A Jury of Her Peers: The Impact of the First Female Jurors on Criminal Convictions
Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer, Randi Hjalmarsson
The Economic Journal, 2019

Divergent Paths: A New Perspective on Earnings Differences Between Black and White Men Since 1940
Patrick Bayer and Kerwin Kofi Charles
The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2018

What Drives Racial and Ethnic Differences in High Cost Mortgages? The Role of High Risk Lenders
Patrick Bayer, Fernando Ferreira, Stephen Ross
Review of Financial Studies, 2018

Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models in Continuous Time with an Application to Retail Competition
Peter Arcidiacono, Patrick Bayer, Jason Blevins, Paul Ellickson
Review of Economic Studies, 2016

A Dynamic Model of Demand for Houses and Neighborhoods
Patrick Bayer, Robert McMillan, Alvin Murphy, Christopher Timmins
Econometrica, 2016

The Vulnerability of Minority Homeowners in the Housing Boom and Bust
Patrick Bayer, Fernando Ferreira, Stephen Ross
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2015

Separate When Equal? Racial Inequality and Residential Segregation
Patrick Bayer, Hanming Fang, Robert McMillan
Journal of Urban Economics, 2014

Approximating High-Dimensional Dynamic Models: Sieve Value Function Iteration
Peter Arcidiacono, Patrick Bayer, Federico Bugni, Jonathan James
Advances in Econometrics, 2013

The Impact of Jury Race in Criminal Trials
Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer, Randi Hjalmarsson
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2012

Beyond Signaling and Human Capital: Education and the Revelation of Ability
Peter Arcidiacono, Patrick Bayer, and Aurel Hizmo
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2010

Migration and Hedonic Valuation: The Case of Air Quality
Patrick Bayer, Nathaniel Keohane, and Christopher Timmins
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2009

Building Criminal Capital Behind Bars: Peer Effects in Juvenile Corrections
Patrick Bayer, Randi Hjalmarsson and David Pozen
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2009

Place of Work and Place of Residence: Informal Hiring Networks and Labor Market Outcomes
Patrick Bayer, Steve Ross, and Giorgio Topa
Journal of Political Economy, 2008

A Unified Framework for Measuring Preferences for Schools and Neighborhoods
Patrick Bayer, Fernando Ferreira, Robert McMillan
Journal of Political Economy, 2007

Racial Sorting and Neighborhood Quality
Patrick Bayer, Robert McMillan
NBER Working Paper, 2005

Choice and Competition in Education Markets
Patrick Bayer, Robert McMillan
NBER Working Paper, 2005

An Equilibrium Model of Residential Sorting
Patrick Bayer, Robert McMillan, Kim Rueben
NBER Working Paper, 2005


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