Dr. Douglas Schreyack receives 2016 Strength, Hope and Caring Award

douglas-w.schreyack-dpm-jdWe are honored and delighted to announce that Dr. Douglas Schreyack has been selected as one of the 2016 Strength, Hope and Caring Award recipients. Dr. Douglas Schreyack’s clinic staff has noticed that he quietly does wonderful things for his patients. During a winter storm last year when the clinic was closed, he met a patient at the clinic to check his foot, waiting 20-30 minutes in the parking lot to assist the patient in the building, checking their foot, and then helping them back to their car.

Another patient who was homeless had taken a bus to a surgery appointment and had planned to return by bus afterward to where he was staying. The patient also did not come with a “responsible person” there as needed for the procedure. Dr. Schreyack called for a CMA from the clinic to came and be there for the patient through surgery. He waited through recovery and drove patient himself, buying him lunch along the way. When the patient returned for follow up, Dr. Schreyack went and got his personal lunch and gave it to the patient.

We are honored to have physicians like Dr. Schreyack in the Department of Orthopaedics.

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