Congratulations to Drs. Karas, Riboh, and Garrigues for being published in JBJS Reviews

We would like to congratulate (pictured above, left to right) Vasili Karas, MD, MS; Jonathan C. Riboh, MD; and Grant E. Garrigues, MD, for having their journal article, “Arthroscopic Management of the Stiff Shoulder,” published in the April 2016 edition of JBJS Reviews.


➢ Shoulder stiffness affects a diverse population of patients suffering a decrease in function and shoulder pain. Arthroscopic management of this debilitating spectrum of pathology is a safe and effective course of action in cases recalcitrant to nonoperative therapy.

➢ Arthroscopic management of the stiff shoulder has been reported to be effective in the treatment of stiffness due to adhesive capsulitis, birth palsy, stiffness in the setting of rotator cuff tears, and osteoarthritis in the posttraumatic patient, in the postoperative patient, and in the throwing athlete.

➢ Arthroscopic management is most effective in treating the stiff shoulder in the setting of adhesive capsulitis recalcitrant to nonoperative therapy or posttraumatic stiffness. Results are more guarded in the treatment of postoperative stiffness.

➢ Excessive force and trauma to the shoulder, including fracture of the humerus, can be avoided with a 360° capsular release for shoulder stiffness rather than manipulation under anesthesia.

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