Relief Efforts in Nepal

Dr. Michel Landry

Dr. Michel Landry

Durham, N.C– Doctor Landry of the Duke University Department of Orthopaedics has agreed to work with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to help with earthquake relief efforts in Nepal.  While it has been some time since the quake in Nepal, relief efforts are still ongoing, and Doctor Landry will be spending 3 months in Nepal working with those who sorely need the aid.  Doctor Landry will be departing by the end of June for this 3 month stay in Nepal.


During the interim period where Doctor Landry will be away, his position will be fulfilled by Doctor Chad Cook.  Doctor Cook has agreed to serve as the interim program director of the Doctoral Physical Therapy program while Doctor Landry is away.  We want to congratulate Doctor Landry on the honour of serving those in need, and Doctor Cook for helping fulfil the duties of Doctor Landry in his absence.

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