Open Design+ is a summer research experience that welcomes students interested in the design thinking process, in which they will use qualitative research methods to solve a real-world problem.

Inspired by open source software and development communities, open design is a variation of design thinking that emphasizes the ethical implication of how and what we design. Working in teams of 3 – 4 undergraduates and a graduate student, participants will learn skills, such as:

  • Empathizing with stakeholders and defining problem areas
  • Brainstorming ideas and creating prototypes
  • Testing solutions and iterating
  • Communicating across audiences and media
  • Thinking divergently and convergently
  • Collaborating and problem-solving in uncertain situations.

This program will run during the Summer II session (June 29 – August 7th). Undergraduates will receive a $3,000 living stipend. Students must be active students during the time of participation.

Open Design+ is offered through the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative and is part of Bass Connections.

For more information, please contact Aria Chernik ( or Kevin Hoch (