TESIEThe NEST family is pleased to welcome Professor Heather Stapleton and her staff to sofa sample
our team! With funding provided by the National Institutes of Environmental Health Science and the Environmental Protection Agency, Professor Stapleton’s team is currently conducting a research study to determine how young children’s behavior affects their exposure to chemicals found in their home environment.
Professor Stapleton’s team visits homes of NEST children to collect samples from the child, dust and foam samples, and detailed information about the home environment. Using this vaccumnew information and information participants have already provided through the NEST study, Professor Stapleton’s team will look for a connection between chemical exposure in the home environment and development. Study participants receive $30 as compensation for their time and will receive information about the levels of chemicals in their homes and children’s bodies.
If this study sounds like something you’d like to learn more about or participate in, please contact Kate Hoffman at (919) 684-6952 or by email at SVOC@duke.edu.
TESIE familyA special thank you to the families who have already enrolled in the TESIE project! The team hopes to recruit an additional families over the next year. Would you like to help us build our knowledge of children’s chemical exposures?