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Resources about where/ how to access abortion care in your state and information about which kind of abortions to consider.
Planned Parenthood offers a variety of services including but not limited to abortion services and education, birth control, Plan B (emergency contraception), primary care, and more. Their website includes great information to learn about abortions and abortion care.
I Need An A is a website that aids in finding abortion care in your area. The website starts by asking your location, weeks since last period, and age (if you’re under 18 years old). It will tell you if abortion is still legal or not in your state and will show different online options and closest places to go. It also answers questions about costs, different kinds of abortion procedures, and more.
Aid Access provides information about self-managed abortion, abortion pill reviews, and how to use abortion pills. The website consists of a team of doctors, activists, and advocates for abortion rights and gives access to a prescription of abortion pills by mail.
HeyJane is a virtual clinic offering safe and private abortion care from home. You must be at least 18 years old, live in CA, CO, CT, IL, MD, NJ, NM, NY, VA, WA, and be up to 10 weeks pregnant. HeyJane provides care regardless of immigration status and will take any form of ID that includes name, photo, and date of birth. After checking eligibility, a provider will review your chart within 1 business day. Pills can be delivered in unmarked boxes and there is an option for post office pick up.

Financial Support ​

Resources about how to receive financial help for abortion care.

The National Network of Abortion Funds helps people figure out their financial options and Helps a person figure out their financial options and find clinics near them. It also provides information on Medicaid in the 16 states where Medicaid will cover an abortion and where to find more information about those states’ Medicaid programs.

The Carolina Abortion Fund provides funds towards procedures (generally $200-$350, depending on the procedure cost), cash assistance and, depending on volunteer availability, transportation to and from the procedure. Before calling a person needs an appointment and that appointment has to be in North Carolina or South Carolina.

Indigenous Women Rising is an Indigenous full spectrum reproductive justice organization. They help Indigenous families pay for and access abortion care, menstrual hygiene, and midwifery funding and support.

Information About Abortion​

Resources about the different kinds of abortions and any other questions you may have about abortion.  

My A network offers information about abortion options and takes people through the steps of receiving abortion care.

Aid Access provides information about self-managed abortion, abortion pill reviews, and how to use abortion pills. The website consists of a team of doctors, activists, and advocates for abortion rights and gives access to a prescription of abortion pills by mail.

Abortion Pill Info is a website provides information on how to use abortion pills to end an unwanted pregnancy with or without a clinician.

Abortion On Our Own Terms has digital security and safety measures built into the website. It also gives information on what self-managed abortion is, what’s in the news, educational resources, and how to take action.


If you need to use a period-tracking app, here are resources on how to track your period and protect your browser history when searching about abortion care.

Proton is an email server that uses encryption in order to respect people’s privacy.

Digital Defense Fund does digital security for abortion access and provides PDF slides for account security, phishing, and online privacy. DDF also provides guides for things like choosing a VPN and what to do if you’re on a breach list and has endless resources about security protection.

Period apps are not safe right now because they are not covered by HIPAA. But if you need to use one, the “Euki” app is a privacy driven health app if you are looking for something to use on your phone but do not want to use Flo or other menstrual tracking apps that sell or share your data. Euki does not collect data about you, the data lives on the app and if you delete the app, all the info that you inputted will be deleted as well. Euki is not associated with your email address, and if someone is forcing you to open the app, you can type “0000” and it will display a false screen so no one else can get in.

Google does a lot of user tracking and collects lots of information about you and your habits. If you want a more private search engine that does not focus on knowing as much as possible about its users, you should try Duck Duck Go. Some people have been legally prosecuted from their Google searches when they are not private. Protect yourself and use Duck Duck Go.


Resources about where you can find people who are sharing their experiences with abortion.

Sam’s medication abortion RHAP is a zine that follows one person’s experience of a medication abortion. It is a resource that explains the medication abortion process, side effects, and when to reach out for help. The zine can be downloaded and also has an option to read in Spanish.

We Testify is an organization dedicated to the leadership and representation of people who have abortions, increasing the spectrum of abortion storytellers in the public sphere, and shifting the way the media understands the context and complexity of accessing abortion care. The organization also invests in abortion storytellers to elevate their voices and expertise, especially people from communities of color, from rural and conservative communities, those who are queer-identified, those with varying abilities and citizenship statutes, and those who need support when navigating barriers while accessing abortion care.

As Debra Hauser of Advocates for Youth reflected, ‘As I have shared my story around the country, more often than not, other people offer up theirs…The result is a bond, stronger than the anti-choice rhetoric or the fear of retaliation or violence that too often finds its way into the political debate. In its place is empathy for the complexity of our lives, the commonalties that bind us, for the need to keep abortion care safe and available.

Anyone who has been impacted by abortion care can upload their story here. As the site says, “Abortion happens every day. Millions of people around the world have an abortion each year. But the majority of those people will never talk about their abortion experience. What If millions of people broke their silence and told the truth about their lives and their choices?These are the stories we share.

R/abortion is a Reddit thread where people share feelings, ask questions, and their experiences with abortion. There are community rules and any violations of them can lead to someone becoming banned. If you type “r/abortion” into the search engine, it will pop up.


Websites that you can visit and numbers to call to speak to people for support regarding your situation

A team of pro-abortion clinicians with years of experience in caring for miscarriage and abortion.


  • Hours
    • 8AM-2AM (Eastern Time)
    • 7AM-1AM (Central Time)
    • 6AM-12AM (Mountain Standard Time)
    • 5AM-11PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Confidential text line available in the US and Canada.


  • Hours
  • Weekdays: 3PM-9PM (Pacific Time)
  • Saturdays: 1PM-9PM (Pacific Time)
  • Sundays: 3PM-7PM (Pacific Time)


Provides free and confidential advice and information on self-managed abortion to people anywhere in the states or U.S. territories (also on parental involvement laws and judicial bypass for young people under 18). Website materials are available in Spanish, simplified Chinese, and English. They work with callers who speak nearly any language Repro Legal Helpline serves as an intake point, through which people who have been threatened with investigation, arrest, or prosecution can access If/When/How’s Litigation Team (counsel, representation) and the Repro Legal Defense Fund (financial assistance), or be referred to an attorney in our RJ Lawyers Network (attorney referrals)

Provides financial assistance to people criminalized for self-managed abortion and pregnancy loss by assisting with bail, attorney fees, and defense costs. Full financial assistance is available to: (1) people who end their own pregnancies; (2) loved ones who assist them; (3) community-based abortion providers and distributors of methods; (4) activists engaging in SMA civil disobedience.