Reproductive Health Care Post-Roe

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What Our Providers Say

Dr. Beverly Gray

Why are we forced by these laws to wait, when we know that intervening could save this patient’s life?


People want to medically take care of patients. This new current ban in place criminalizes evidence-based medicine.


Pregnancy is beautiful sometimes, and really terrible sometimes…pregnancy and childbirth are not neutral. To be able to sit with someone and say “You get to decide how you want this to go,” feels like such an important thing. It’s why so many of us give so much of ourselves to this work.

preliminary findings

Pregnant people in states with abortion bans and restrictions get worse healthcare than pregnant people in states without those restrictions. Providers are forced to wait until a patient is permanently impaired and/or dying before they legally are able to give care.

Reproductive Health In Crisis: How We Know

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What WE DO


Data Team

We currently track numbers of applicants to medical school and residency programs in restricted/ban states post-Roe. We also track what comprehensive reproductive health care is or is not available to students at universities across North Carolina.


Interview Team

We interview reproductive health care providers in restricted/ban states as well as access states. We transcribe, index, and clip excerpts to make available to public. We are building and preserving an archive of how post-Roe state laws impact the reproductive health care that providers can offer or not offer patients.

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Media Team

We make accessible and available the findings of the Interview and Data teams. We partner with other reproductive health care teams regionally, nationally, and internationally to increase the amount of accurate information in the public domain about reproductive health care post-Roe.

About US

We are a North Carolina-based research group at Duke University, collaborating with medical and legal professionals to grow public knowledge and bust common myths surrounding pregnancy and abortion care in order to empower all people to make the choices that are right for them.

Through our work, our team is dedicated to documenting the ways that abortion care bans are impacting the reproductive care that providers can offer patients. While most of our early interviews are with physicians, we will expand in coming years to include midwives, nurses, doulas, and clinic staff. We are also determined to learn where the medical system is missing the mark, and how patient stories can push clinicians to be better. We invite everyone who comes to our site to visit We Testify, Advocates for Youth, and Abortion Diary to hear these stories first hand. We understand patient storytelling and provider storytelling as key tools that humanize everyone in the reproductive care ecosystem. We hope the provider stories on our site can help the everyday person understand the abortion ban landscape, so everyone has the information they need to push for a better environment for reproductive health care and reproductive justice for all.

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