Jessica Pissini, MA Digital Art History, Duke University

Jessica completed her Master’s degree in the new Digital Art History program at Duke, concentrating her thesis research on museum & arts education. She is interested in exploring new technologies and how virtual platforms are changing the arts and the humanities. In the fall of 2016, Jessica will begin her PhD at Ohio State, continuing her work and research in arts education.

Simon Verity, Master Stone Carver

Simon Verity has worked on many large sculpting projects over the years, including work for Sir Elton John and the Prince of Wales, and as the Director of carving on the West Portal of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. His formal training and current work involves the use of traditional carving tools. While at Duke, Verity set out to carve a copy of the Head of a Virtue in the collection of the Nasher Museum of Art.

Wired! Lab Team Members, Students and Professors

Prof Caroline Bruzelius, Medieval Art

Hannah Jacobs, Multimedia Analyst for the Wired! Lab

Prof Mark Olson, 3D models and Visualizations

Tim Shea, PhD Art History

Prof Victoria Szabo, Augmented Reality App

Prof Carlo Tomasi, Computer Science and 3D Timelapse Reconstruction

Marianne Wardle, Curator of Academic Programs, Nasher Musem

Kyle Wilkinson, MFA Experimental & Documentary Arts