Getting all the bolts and nuts ready

I am trying to create a workable environment for data analysis. Now on my list I have the following to be installed on my windows machine

Anaconda (maybe conda also)

I installed the Anoconda(v1.4.0) on the user level


I followed the link and installed jupyter
I can launch "jupyter notebook" and see the web on localhost:8888,
But, I do not see the coding environment available


It is a little bit into it to get zipline installed. So, I tested using conda with “sub-environment”. zipline only works with python2.7!!

C:\Users\li11>conda create -n ForZipline python=2.7 biopython
(ForZipline) C:\Users\li11>conda intall -c Quantopian zipline

Using jupyter

Thank goes to our system admin and Anaconda. Both Python2 and Python3 have been installed on my windows machines. Now I can launch the “jupyter” directly. From now on, I will stick with the jupyter IDE (Interactive Development Environment).

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