Access Muser

The MuserTM web-based software application is available through multiple pathways.

For programs able to host their own secure Drupal sites, Muser can be downloaded for free from  Duke’s Muser program pushes new updates to the Drupal site.

For programs preferring to contract out hosting of the software, Muser is also available as a SaaS (software as a service) contract from Jay Beaton Consulting’s


Muser software development is funded by the National Science Foundation and Duke University.  None of the Muser software options or development pathways financially benefit Patek, Duke, or Muser at Duke.

Since its launch in 2008, many people have helped develop and refine this software at University of Massachusetts Amherst (especially Mike Selden and Steve Brewer) and Duke University (especially Qian Wang, Kyle Skrinak, Matthew Rascoff, Quang Nguyen, Dr. Julie Reynolds, Dr. Nyote Calixte, and Jay Beaton Consulting).