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Mi Gente was founded in 1992 as the central Latinx organization at Duke University. Mi Gente’s mission is to provide a sense of community among Latinxs at Duke as well as to promote awareness and sponsor activities about Latinx cultural, political, educational, and social issues. It is a forum for individuals to explore the diverse histories, identities, and traditions that make up the Latinx world.

We strive to serve as a voice and to raise awareness on campus for Latinx and other multicultural concerns. One of Mi Gente’s priorities is to reach out to first year students and provide them with a home and a familia as they make their way through Duke. Mi Gente also strives to develop relations with the Durham Latinx population through activities such as community service and outreach programs.

Mi Gente shall not discriminate on the basis of political ideology, race, color, national and ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation or preference, gender, or age in its membership, activities, and projects. Mi Gente and Duke University shall not tolerate harassment of any kind.


Our Committees

Mi Gente supports several committees. Each is headed by a chair member who sits on the Mi Gente Executive Board. The committees descriptions along with their primary functions are listed below.


Fosters interactions between faculty, administrators, and students. Develops academically-focused programming. Connects with Career center and graduate schools.


Ensures Mi Gente’s participation in the fall Latinx Heritage Month and the spring Mezcla cultural showcase. Coordinates events by working with Mi Gente’s advisor.

Alumni Affairs

Maintains contact with the Latinx Alum through networks such as DUHLAA. Works to increase interactions between students and alumni. Coordinates events as needed.


Pursues relationships with other campus groups related to advocacy, activism, and politics. Organizes debates. Updates the Council and General Body on political issues and affairs.

Community Interactions

Updates the organization on service opportunities. Bridges communication with other campus service groups. Works to increase Mi Gente’s interaction with the Durham community.


Promotes community within the organization. Creates social opportunities for interaction with other student organizations, general Duke body, and Mi Gente membership.

First-Year Representative

Convenes meetings for only first-year students. Plans events for freshman class on East Campus. Coordinates with the CMA Alliance and provide updates on Mi Gente.


Encourages and fosters the physical, intellectual, social, nutritional, mental, and spiritual wellness of the community. Executes annual Wellness Week. Coordinate wellness check-ins.


For any inquiries please email