Madeleine Llonch

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024,

Focus Areas: Corporate sustainability, sustainable finance, energy, marketing
Internships: Schneider Electric – Marketing Intern & 3Degrees, Inc – Sustainability Consulting
Madeleine completed her undergrad at King’s College London in International Politics. After working in finance four years , she decided to go back to grad school. Post graduation, Madeleine is looking to develop a career in sustainability consulting to help companies decarbonize their supply chains and develop emissions reduction targets to reach net zero.

Tatiana Sokolova

Fuqua Class of 2024,

Focus Areas: Energy and Environment, Environmental Analytics and Modeling, ClimateTech/Innovation, Electrification
Internships: EDF Climate Corps Fellow at Aspiration, a fintech startup that empowers consumers to live sustainably & MBA Summer Associate – Fleet Electrification at The AES Corporation
Tatiana is passionate about helping organizations determine optimal solutions for their stake in global decarbonization that ensure ample resources for all people to live healthy, secure, and prosperous lives. Prior to Duke, she served as a tech consultant in the areas of AI, Analytics, and Cloud for the US Federal Government.

Petya Miteva

Fuqua Class of 2024,
Communications Chair

Fuqua: TBD
Nicholas: Business & Environment
Petya aspires to lead corporate sustainability efforts with a focus on climate strategy and sustainable supply chains leveraging her internatioanl ESG experience spanning 4 countries on 3 continents and various industries including consumer goods, forestry and paper products, foreign trade, and consulting.

Henry Drewyer

Fuqua Class of 2024,
Finance Officer

Focus Areas: Renewable Energy Development, Transmission Development, Energy and Environment
Internships: RMI – Stanback Fellow Summer Intern, Carbon-Free Electricity & NextEra Energy Transmission – MBA Intern, Transmission Strategy
Henry is primarily focused on decarbonizing energy systems. He is interested in creatively scaling technologies capable of accelerating the transition to a clean and equitable global energy economy.

Erin Kirton

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Venture Capital; Climate Tech; Energy and Environment; Social Impact
Internships: Stanback Fellowship, RMI – Carbon Free Electricity Team, Summer Associate, Policy Research and Writing & Powerhouse Ventures, Summer Associate, Investment and Diligence
Erin is pursuing climate tech venture capital to support founders that are disrupting energy and mobility systems. She hopes to promote innovations that facilitate an equitable energy transition and just decarbonization strategies.

Shivani Kuckreja

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Sustainability disclosure, energy, consulting
Internships: Delta Air Lines Sustainability Intern & BCG Summer Consultant
Shivani Kuckreja is an environmental professional with five years’ worth of experience in full-time roles at BlackRock and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

Lewis Demyan

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Energy and Environment, Environmental Economics and Policy, Venture Capital
Internships: Southern Environmental Law Center – Green Hydrogen Stanback Fellow & NextEra Energy – MBA Intern, Green Hydrogen Finance
I am a dual degree with a focus on bringing emerging clean energy technology to market. I am pursuing roles in venture capital and corporate innovation.

Harlan Belcher

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Electric Mobility, Renewable Energy
Internships: Veloce Energy – Business Development & NextEra Energy – Mobility
Harlan completed his BA in political science at the College of Charleston and worked as a wildland firefighter in California prior to coming to graduate school. Harlan plans to work in electric mobility, leveraging his knowledge of electric power markets and grid edge technologies to help decarbonize transportation. Outside of school, he loves to surf, climb, travel and read.

Matt Morris

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Ecosystem science and conservation, sustainable food and regenerative agriculture
Internships: Climate policy consultant at Grove Climate Group
Veteran pursuing a new career of service to people and their environment.

Jessica Citrola

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Terrestrial and Freshwater Environments, Renewable Energy, ESG Strategy
Internships: Earthjustice – International Program Climate Mitigation Science and Policy Fellow & ScottMadden – Associate Intern
Jessica’s career interests include how businesses can incorporate and improve biodiversity protection as well as ecosystem conservation and health within their ESG strategies.

Andrew Dreis

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Energy, Voluntary Carbon Markets, Policy, Marketing
Internships: Calyx Global – Summer Associate & Rubicon Carbon – Science Team Intern
Andrew is a 2X founder with interests in climatetech, renewable energy development and voluntary carbon markets. He focuses on several cross-sectional disciplines as a dual-degree student at Duke and UNC including marketing, policy, and sustainability. In his free time, he reads, plays ultimate frisbee, travels and climbs big mountains.

Alexander Dobrinov

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Renewable Energy, Climate Adaptation
Internships: Strata Clean Energy – Development Intern & Cypress Creek Renewables – Structured Finance and M&A Intern
Alex is focused on developing sustainable and scalable strategies that address the transition to renewable energy and tackle climate adaptation challenges. Prior to Duke, Alex was involved in the Fintech industry and seeks to take the lessons learned from the world of finance into the world of energy and sustainability.

Ben Egan

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Nicholas – Business & the Environment, Fuqua – TBD
Internships: MBA Strategy Intern – NRG Energy & Deloitte Consulting – Summer Associate in Power, Utilities & Renewables
Ben is interested in helping utilities prepare and execute on their energy transition goals. Although Ben’s background is in corporate finance for a large restaurant brand, Ben has spent the last two summers interning or advising utility clients on behind-the-meter strategy. He hopes to continue on his energy transition work post-graduation as a consultant.

Alejandra del Campo Farro

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024
KF: Operations, Innovation for the Public Good
Nicholas: Business & Environment
Alejandra is a lawyer focusing on environmental and energy regulation. After working for the mining and energy industries in Peru, realizing that law and public policies are often not enough to ensure the sustainable development of our communities, she decided to pursue both a MEM and an MBA to help organizations in their decarbonization efforts through holistic organizational transformation and sustainable business strategies in operations and supply chains.

Kacey Katzenmeyer

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Business and Environment
Internships: NVIDIA EDF Climate Corp & ScottMadden
Kacey Katzenmeyer is a 2024 Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) and MBA candidate. She is an expert in carbon abatement and removal technologies, zero-carbon energy generation, and corporate net-zero strategies. Prior to graduate school, Katzenmeyer was Senior Manager at consulting firm Green Strategies, where she engaged Fortune 500 clients on corporate climate strategies. While pursuing her studies, Katzenmeyer has held positions at NVIDIA as a EDF Climate Corp Fellow, the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) as a Market and Innovation Intern, and ScottMadden as an MBA intern in the energy practice. Kacey is a recipient of the Nicholas Scholarship, the Nicholas School of the Environment’s most prestigious merit-based scholarship, and is a 2020 Clean Energy Leadership Institute Fellow.

Juan Pablo Quintero

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Climate, Consulting, Policy, Ocean
Internships: Sierra Club & McKinsey & Co.
Juan Pablo is still trying to find his niche in Climate and will be doing random stuff in consulting until he finds it. His current academic interests include the Blue Economy/Ocean space and international climate policy.

Kate Perry

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Forest Resource Management, Timber Investment Management, Conservation Finance, Energy Finance
Internships: Resource Management Service – Forestry Intern & Business Development Summer Intern
Master of Forestry/MBA

Emily Purcell

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Sustainability Consulting, Ecosystem Science & Conservation, Biodiversity & Nature, Sustainable Enterprise
Internships: Tiffany & Co. – EDF Climate Corps Fellow, Corporate Biodiversity Strategy & EY-Parthenon, Corporate Strategy (Government and Public Sector – ESG focus) – Summer Consultant
A dual-degree MEM/MBA candidate dedicated to pursuing innovative strategies to achieve sustainable solutions for business and the environment. Passionate about biodiversity and conserving and restoring our planet’s wild spaces!

Steven Wagner

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Climate Tech, Venture Capital
Internships: EDF Climate Corps Fellow, Environmental Team at Under Armour
Steven seeks to identify emerging climate solutions with promising decarbonization potential and help bring them to market. Prior to Duke, he was an economic consultant advising law firms and corporations on M&As and litigation.

Parker White

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Master of Forestry/MBA, TIMOs, REITs, Nature-based solutions
Internships: GFR Consulting Forestry & Resource Management Service-Investment Management
Former Army officer with a passion for institutional forestland investment and nature-based solutions.

Colleen Woodruff

Fuqua Class of 2024
Fuqua: TBD
Nicholas: Business & Environment

Sisi Wu

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Energy and Environment; Finance; Strategy
Internships: Apex Clean Energy – Business Development & Marathon Capital – MBA Associate
Sisi is interested in the intersection of finance and energy/clean tech and plan on pursuing a career where she can leverage capital to catalyze new innovation and scale and de-risk technologies to address the climate crisis.

David Bluestein

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Energy and Environment, Business and Environment
Internships: Marketing, Communications, and Market Entry Internal Consultant at early-stage startup Minatar Technologies & Sustainability Intern, Harbert Management Corporation
David is passionate about utilizing transferable skills he developed as a high school science teacher to help businesses develop and execute strategies and practices that prioritize sustainability and social responsibility.

Shirley Fontanié

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Nicholas school – Water Resources Management, Kenan- Flagler concentrations – Energy and Sustainable Enterprise
Internships: WSP & WSP
Shirley has experience in commercial real estate, operations, and consulting in civil engineering. She is pivoting towards consulting in sustainability, with a focus on water and energy.

Kevin Biehl

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Energy and Environment, Business and environment, consulting, carbon removal
Internships: Commercial Associate, Global Thermostat & Summer Associate, Kearney
Kevin is leveraging his BS in meteorology, MEM/MBA from Duke, and experience with startups to accelerate adoption of nascent climate technologies. He firmly believes that progressive corporate action is critical to carbon neutrality.

Mackenzie Audino

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Climate VC, Climate/Ocean startups, Carbon-Dioxide Removal, Finance
Internships: Y Analytics – ESG Research Assistant & Running Tide – Sourcing Specialist
Mackenzie is a third year MEM/MBA student with a passion for ocean conservation and ocean-based CDR technologies. Specifically, she is focusing on developing innovative financial mechanisms to increase investment into ocean restoration and protection.

Brian Wong

Fuqua Class of 2024
Focus Areas: Energy Finance
Internship: Investment Banking Summer Associate, Power, Utilities, and Energy Infrastructure, Bank of America
Pursuing energy finance and climate tech startups. Background in real estate and former research/data scientist at U.S. Dept. of Energy national lab (ORNL), climate risk analytics startup, and Google-founded maritime analytics NGO.

Jijun Yu

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Investment banking, energy finance, ESG Investing
Internships: Summer Private equity associate at Industrial Securities Capital
The Reverse MEMBA.

Ross Fly

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Energy & Environment, Strategy, Finance, Climate Tech
Internships: Business Development at 8 Rivers Capital, Analyst
Ross is interested in industrial decarbonization and commercializing emerging energy technology. He interned at 8 Rivers Capital, is an NC Idea Start-up Analyst, and is Co-Chair of Duke University’s Energy Conference.

Carley Tucker

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Energy and Environment, Energy Finance
Internships: Energy Policy Intern at the Southern Environmental Law Center
I am a climate activist and care deeply about solving the climate crisis through rapidly decarbonizing our economy. I am pivoting into the clean energy industry and plan to combine my analytical and business skills to advance an equitable and just clean energy transition.

Maria Alejandra Jaramillo

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Environmental Justice, Business and Environment, K-12 Sustainability, Green Buildings
Internships: Healthy Schools Intern at the U.S. Green Building Council Center for Green Schools & N/A
Former bilingual teacher creatively leveraging policy, data, research, and partnerships to strengthen underserved communities, remove systemic barriers, and build healthier and more sustainable K-12 school systems for all students.

Eli Schulman

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Climate tech, energy finance, consulting & strategy, innovation
Internship: Technology-to-Market Summer Scholar at ARPA-E (Department of Energy)
Eli is a MEM/MBA candidate at Duke University. He has worked in real estate investing, clean energy finance, and at ARPA-E (DOE) as a Tech-to-Market intern. His focuses at Duke include energy, strategy, and climate tech innovation.

John Rooney

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Energy and Environment, Energy Finance, Social Impact
Internship: EDF Climate Corps Fellow with Summit County, UT
John is interested in the clean energy transition and how we can achieve justice for marginalized communities as we tackle the climate crisis. Prior to Duke, he worked for conservation and open space nonprofits in Austin, TX.

Jenny Hyun

Focus Areas: Consulting, Risk Management, Climate, Sustainability
Internship: Genesys, Sustainability Intern
Jenny sharpened her sustainability communications skills at Greenpeace and played a key role in Genesys’ first climate scenario analysis this summer. She is keen to explore climate risk management further in sustainability consulting.

Dmytro Zlenko

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Consulting with environmental focus
Internship: National Parks Conservation Association
Duke Environmental Management / UNC MBA ’25. With academic and professional experience in over 20 countries, Dmytro focuses on environmental consulting, specifically market-driven conservation practices and biodiversity credits.

Marla Harvey

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Energy and the Environment
Internship: EDF Climate Corps Fellow at Equity Life Style Properties, Sustainability Strategy
At Duke, Marla co-chairs the 2023 Energy in Emerging Markets Case Competition and served as the Nichola School Energy Club Career Trek Co Chair, Spring 2023. Before coming to Duke, Marla studied Environmental Politics at Whitman College and went on to spearhead development and implementation of a community energy plan in rural Oregon. Upon graduation, Marla seeks to work at the intersection of social impact and electricity sector decarbonization.

Bryan Graybill

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: ESC, Sustainability, Finance, Investing
Internship: NASA Develop (remote sensing)
Conservation, nature-based solutions, biodiversity focused with broader sustainability interest.

Justin DePue

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Resource Economics, Finance, Water, Strategy
Internship: Summer Private Equity Associate at Intl Farming
Justin is focused on finding opportunities and tackling problems in the food and agriculture sector. With professional experience in production agriculture both in the USA and abroad, Justin plans to use his MEM/MBA degrees to work at the intersection of food, finance, and strategy.

Jordan Mullens

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: MEM: Business and Environment, MBA: Strategy
Internship: ESG Assessment Reviewer at 3R Sustainability
Jordan is interested in helping private sector organizations reduce environmental impacts, manage climate-related risks, and become effective environmental stewards. Prior to Duke, she worked for United Way of Northeast Florida.

Noah Price

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Energy, Transportation, Supply Chain Management
Internship: Offshore Wind Service Intern, Crowley Maritime, Strategy and Operations
Noah is interested in the intersection of energy and transportation. Coming from a background in supply chain management, Noah is excited about accelerating the energy transition through new climate technologies in the transportation industry.

Irene Chang

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Nicholas: Business and Environment, Fuqua: TBD
Internship: EDF Climate Corps Fellow at Ulta Beauty, Sustainability Strategy
Prior to Duke, Irene worked in market insights and analytics in the beauty industry where she worked with clients to navigate the acceleration of clean and sustainable beauty. Irene hopes to leverage this knowledge to help beauty brands and retailers develop a clear strategy to green their operations and product offerings.

Nick Sorokin

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Energy & Environment
Internship: Intern at FERC, Division of Analytics & Surveillance
Nick is passionate about environmental sustainability and hopes to use his Duke degrees to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.

Michael Zorger

Kenan-Flagler Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Corporate Finance, Sustainable Enterprise, Business and Environment
Internship: Energy and Emissions Analyst at Uchiyama Manufacturing America and Land of Sky Regional Council
10+ year DC veteran advising and assisting firms to craft and execute int’l business, trade, and policy objectives. Curious, hands-on leader blending creativity and collaboration to solve challenges. Skilled in sectors from climate to space, ag to energy, and metals to mining. Proud WV native.

Matt Wofford

Fuqua Class of 2025
Focus Areas: Energy & the Environment Concentration, Clean Energy Finance
Internship: Summer Strategy Associate at MetOx Technologies
Matt is pursuing a post-MBA career in clean energy finance. Prior to graduate school, Matt worked for 5 years at UBS and enjoys skiing, surfing, golfing, fishing, hiking, and camping in his free time.

Jonathan Joyner

Fuqua class of 2026
Focus Areas: Energy, Development, Project Finance
Jonathan Joyner is studying energy, modeling, and finance. Jon has experience leading teams as an Army officer and studying political strategy. In his free time Jon enjoys spending time outdoors.

David Robinson

Fuqua Class of 2026
Focus Areas: Energy and Environment, Environmental Analytics and Modeling, Energy Finance, Conservation Finance
David is focused on financing deep decarbonization to limit global temperature rise. Prior to Duke, he spent 5+ years in the consulting industry. As an undergraduate, David studied Philosophy and Chemistry at Davidson College.

Mara Michel

Fuqua Class of 2026
Focus Areas: Nic: Environmental Analytics and Modeling, Energy and Environment; Fuqua: TBD
Mara intends to use her background in information technology and human capital consulting to help businesses not only to decarbonize but also to make a positive impact on their communities.

Sadie Tetreault

Fuqua Class of 2026
Focus Areas: Energy & Environment, Environmental Economics & Policy
Sadie is interested in leading corporate sustainability strategy with an emphasis on energy and circularity. Before returning to graduate school, Sadie worked in consulting in Washington, DC.

Aditi Jackson

Fuqua Class of 2026
Focus Areas: Energy and Environment, Environmental Analytics and Modeling, Energy Finance, Climate Tech
Aditi is interested in exploring how markets can help accelerate the transition to Net Zero. Prior to Duke, Aditi worked across the investment management industry in operations, research and ESG.

Sumit Dalsania

Fuqua Class of 2026
Focus Areas: Energy and Environment, Environmental Economics and Policy, Climate Tech
Sumit is interested in scaling the deployment of climate technologies to help the world reach its decarbonization goals. Prior to Duke, Sumit led teams in the development of analytics for public and private sector clients.

Ryan Sidawi

Fuqua Class of 2026
Focus Areas: Finance, Energy
Ryan is a travel enthusiast and has been all over the world. On his free time he enjoys investing, watching football, and long walks with his dog.

Samantha Sedar

Fuqua Class of 2026
Focus Areas: Energy and Environment, Energy Analytics and Modeling
Prior to starting at Duke, Samantha worked in ESG equity research. She is passionate about addressing the climate crisis by investing in renewable energy technology for large-scale expansion and deployment.

Amber Wright

Fuqua Class of 2026
Focus Areas: MEM: Energy & Environmental Justice Concentrations, MBA: Health Sector Management
Amber is interested in helping healthcare organizations decarbonize and advance health equity. The majority of her career she has worked in supply chain for a healthcare system and helped to eliminate single-use plastic across facilities.

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