Podcast: The Unbiased Estimator

About the show

How do we know what we know about healthcare? In each episode, join host Daniel Wang, a medical student at the Duke University School of Medicine on a hunt for the unbiased estimator, a treasure many economists seek that captures the effect of a policy or intervention. Speaking with expert researchers and physicians, we learn how the toolbox of economics can help untangle the complex world of healthcare.

This podcast is written and produced by Daniel Wang and mixed by Ankit Choudhury. Show notes are written by Ankit Choudhury and Kathy Dai. You can send comments, questions, or suggestions for future episodes by email at unbiased.est@gmail.com or on Twitter @UnbiasedEstPod.




S2E1: What Can Price Transparency Tell Us About Hospital Pricing? (Prof. Ge Bai)

S2E2: Is Cost-Effectiveness Enough? (Prof. Claudio Lucarelli)

S2E3: Health Policy Through Grey-Colored Glasses (Dan Gorenstein)


S1E1: What is Causing Rising Drug Launch Prices? (Prof. David Ridley)

S1E2: Does the Hospital’s Owner Affect What Services It Provides? (Dr. Marcelo Cerullo)

S1E3: Can Prior Authorization Stop Ambulance Taxis? (Riley League)


About the host

Daniel Wang


Daniel is a medical student at the Duke University School of Medicine with a degree in economics from Rice University. At Rice, he studied the impact of a volunteer program providing community resources on emergency department patient outcomes at a large public hospital in Houston with Dr. Michael Jaung and Dr. Alison J. Haddock from Baylor College of Medicine. He is currently conducting research on racial and ethnic disparities in COVID-19 vaccination with Professor Kate Bundorf at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke. Outside of research and medicine, he loves to cook, bake, and play tennis.


About the team

Ankit Choudhury


Ankit is the host of the Brain Bee Podcast and serves as an editor for the podcast, The Unbiased Estimator. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2020 with a degree in Biology on the Neuroscience Track. In college, he worked in the lab of Dr. David Holtzman to investigate the mechanisms behind the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease. Today, Ankit is doing research in the lab of Dr. Michael Tadross at Duke University where he is utilizing a novel technology called Drugs Acutely Restricted by Tethering (DART) to study dopaminergic circuits in mouse models of Parkinson’s Disease. He is currently applying to medical school with the intention of matriculating in the Summer of 2023.


Kathy Dai


Kathy is a medical student at the Duke University School of Medicine and co-founder of Duke MedEcon. She serves as show notes writer for The Unbiased Estimator podcast. As an aspiring internal medicine trainee, she is interested in applications of behavioral science, digital health technologies, and innovative care models to improve outcomes among patients with chronic conditions. Kathy grew up in New York, where her parents and dog Mochi live, before completing her undergraduate degree at Duke University in Neuroscience and Chemistry. Outside of medicine, she loves running, connecting with people, and keeping up with Duke basketball.